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Appearances for men have become increasingly important in recent years. No longer does a simple foam lather and the burn of an aftershave do the job. MensGroom has put together the optimal line of products to take care of everything for every man. The six product lineup from MensGroom will set you apart from the average male and to help introduce this great line of products Splash Magazines Worldwide and MensGroom are giving three lucky readers a chance to try out MensGroom.

Literally from head to toe, the MensGroom line has you covered as it ncludes: Shave the Males, Soothe the Shaven Beast, Daily Shower Power, Daily Wash Out, Feed Your Head and Iron Grip.

MensGroom Lineup

When it comes to the face of a man, it all begins with the shave and Shave the Males shave cream is so smooth shaving will no longer be a chore. You will immediately know what you are in store for when you put some Shave the Males in the palm of your hand. It is silky soft and has a number of great ingredients such as coconut oil, eucalyptus and aloe that make sure you face is pampered as you shave. Follow your shave up with some of the Soothe the Shaven Beast and your face will be thanking you all day long.

With age the fear of waking up with fewer strands of hair or a hairline that is disappearing into the sunset is always in the back of your mind. Feed Your Head is a scalp treatment serum that looks to combat that problem with a specialized serum formulated to help reduce hair loss. Feed Your Head is designed to combat hair/scalp aging while also improving follicle health, which is the first step to fighting hair loss. To get your scalp as clean as possible and to help your hair to keep growing, Feed Your Head uses a unique active complex of sugar cane and fruit extracts, and alpha-Hydroxy acid which help clear follicles of build-up of dead skin cells. This allows thicker hair growth and looks after your hair and scalp at a cellular level. Now that you have that great flowing hair you can manage it with Iron Grip. A little dollop of Iron Grip and you can make your hair do what you want and you can keep it in place all day long.

Finally, MensGroom will you started off correctly to start your day by helping you to shower up with the Daily Shower Power and Daily Wash Out. The Daily Wash Out makes taking care of your easy as it is a moisturizing 2-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner that is made with Barley Protein, Vitamin B5 and Zinc PCA that will your hair healthy and clean. The Daily Shower Power will leave you refreshed and clean and ready to take on the day. If you are hitting the gym, this is a great pair to throw in your gym bag and follow up a workout with your MensGroom line.

If you are looking to raise the level of your appearance and you want to make it easy with one product line, MensGroom is what you should be reaching for every morning.

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The winners will be chosen from all valid entries on July 25, 2013. Contest is open to residents of the United States and all decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.

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