Glamour in a Brush - The Martino Cartier Hair Styling Collection Review



Think Glamour ! Think Fun ! Think Excellence ! And add a Big heart to go with it all!

Martino Cartier  is the celebrity stylist and successful salon owner with a signature style that speaks of over the top, generous glamour. One that aims to display the heights of a woman's beauty! True to his New Jersey lineage, he demonstrates a penchant for fierce glam.

Not only did he win the Entertainer of the Year award at HSN, but he also demonstrates a genuine care for others. He is the founder of a non-profit organization known as, a network of salon owners with a mission in helping women and children. As it's mission proclaims, "Stylists and beauty industry experts united in their mission to ease the stress and pain felt by women battling cancer and suffering from hair loss as well as granting wishes to children."




But let’s get back to the Martino Cartier Hair Collection.

Martino's hairstyling products unleash elegance right at the get go. Even the process of getting dolled up seems more attractive. His gold tipped brushes, beautiful bottles, his lightweight hairdryers and feminine styling tools, all lend a special delight to the pampering hour!

While his Versace-like logo seals each well-designed item with a declaration of prestige.

But more than that, these products do deliver!



I became an instant fan of his Haute Stuff Air Dryer which is a feather-light ionic professional dryer. So you get heavy-duty drying from a lightweight hairdryer. This is a huge plus for me because my hands often tire from a lengthy blowdrying session and a light tool is just what I needed. The fact that it is ionic and leaves the hair shiny in the process is a bonus too.



His brushes are truly AMAZING. The paddle brush as well as the boar-bristled brush provides a great scalp massage whilst bringing added shine to the hair. Stimulating the scalp increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, conditions the scalp, and boosts the strength of the hair roots. It also opens up blood vessels to increase flow and boost circulation. So if you can't afford the decadence of daily scalp massages ( though that would be wonderful! ), then using a paddle brush along with the boar bristle brush daily will really help invigorate and encourage the health of your scalp.

The boar bristle brushes are awesome for straightening hair as well. They offer a great grip while getting that perfect, sleek do that we do love.



Then there is the tourmaline anti-static round brush that is a GAME CHANGER. It’s sleek and narrow which makes it easily manouevered. This also means that it is easy to use. It delivers a great result. It’s is excellent for styling both thin and thick hair and reduces blow-dryin time!



I have been appreciating the Complete Me Firm Hairspray that is a part of his travel collection. It’s effect is light-weight yet firm. Imagine a firm hold that allows you to run your fingers through your hair. Yes! This is just what I was looking for. Also worth mentioning, it's mild and attractive scent will not interfere with your natural scene or clash with your perfume. All these qualities, make it a gem in the hairspray category.




Then there is the Martino by Martino Cartier Hot & Bothered 2-in-1 Rotating Hot Brush & Curling Iron. This tool involves a bit of a learning curve. But when you do master it, it’s a versatile tool that delivers great shine and waves. According to my experience, the rotating brush function may be optimal for thinner hair. It’s great because it doubles as a curling wand when the brush attachment is removed. So you get 2 styling tools in one! It’s infrared ceramic technology helps lock in moisture and shine. And there is nothing that can quite compete with the look of a shiny, well-coiffed head of hair!







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