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Love Renaissance is a luxurious brand originating from Japan and now based out of Honolulu Hawaii. Since 1998, Love Renaissance has been pursuing its mission to “make everyone in the universe beautiful and happy!”

I had the incredible pleasure of using the Love Renaissance XTRUE 10am and 10 pm series. The secret to these products is the care and quality taken in their creation. Each of the products is comprised of 80% of the active ingredient. You get 100% of the benefits from every drop of cream, serum, or cleanser is high quality with no fillers.

The serum based products in this series are made with White Wine Yeast Extract + Oryzanol + SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), which reduced free radical damage to the skin. This combination of products allows the skin to repair on multiple levels from cleansing to moisturizing, giving you the clear, bright, pristine face you have always wanted.

Let me tell you about my experience with the Love Renaissance XTRUE 10am and 10pm products.

This line begins with the XTRUE 10am Clear Oil (Massage Oil Essence – Rinse off Type)

This extremely effective oil is comprised of pure white wine yeast extract, oryzanol and SOD, which is then added into 75% rich rice bran oil.

This product removes impurities in the skin as you gently massage it into your face. The oil also stimulates skin regeneration leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed all from the first product!

I used 2-3 pumps of the oil and smoothed it over my face using my fingertips and palms, then I rinsed my skin with lukewarm water.

After dabbing my face dry I already could see the difference in the suppleness of my skin! It was amazing!

After that experience I was even more excited to use the next product in the line, the XTRUE 10am Foam (Cleansing Essence – Rinse off Type).

Again this product is made with the same high quality ingredients found throughout the XTRUE line. The cleansing lather is so gentle I almost wondered if it was really cleaning. It is so soft you can’t help but keep massaging it into your skin as you feel it lifting away all the impurities from the night and refresh you.

My skin felt bright and airy, like walking into a whole new day. I thought, “Why would I put anything on my face after this and ruin the pure cleanliness of it?” and that is when I experienced the XTRUE 10am Emulsion (Milky Essence).

Wow! I could not say enough about how this truly is an emulsion of milky essence. This rich serum also made with 80% pure white yeast extract plus oryzanol and SOD, complimented the previous two products perfectly. I could feel the airiness from the cleaner balance with the soothing liquid. It was still light and soft, but it also left my skin feeling firm and rich.

I was almost finished with my routine as I opened the XTRUE 10am Dolce (Treatment Essence – Rinse off Type). If I hadn’t already treated myself enough already this facial masque with more than 50% honey mixed with the pure white wine yeast extract with oryzanol and SOD and brown sugar.

This masque completely exfoliated my skin without me doing any work.

I smoothed a quarter size amount of dried skin and used my fingers to massage the mixture into my skin until my fingers felt a little sticky. I waited about 5 minutes before rinsing well with lukewarm water.

I almost didn’t do anything else with my day I felt so pampered and beautiful, but reality called my back to life.

All day I felt like my skin was fresh and new. I could feel how much healthier my face was and truly see the improvements. The only thing left for me to do after a morning of rejuvenating my skin was come home and try to XTRUE 10pm series.

The 10pm treatment follows the same flow as the 10am series. I started with the XTRUE 10pm Clear Oil (Massage Oil Essence – Rinse off Type) and continued with the XTRUE 10pm Foam (Cleansing Essence – Rinse off Type).

The difference between the two series is the 10pm line is made with pure red wine yeast extract instead of the pure white wine yeast extract. Because the products are so similar I was expecting to feel the same about them and was surprised that the 10pm oil and foam was even more incredible than the 10am series.

Clearing my face with the XTRUE 10pm Clear Oil and cleansing with the XTRUE 10pm Foam now removed my entire day. It wasn’t just waking up and refreshing myself from a night of sleep. It took away all the stress that had built on my face for the last 12 hours.

Moving to the XTRUE 10pm Emulsion (Milky Essence) completely relaxed me. I was in renewed to a calm state where I could enjoy all the great things that happened in my day.

As I lathered on the XTRUE 10 pm Dolce (Treatment Essence – Rinse off Type) I felt like I was rewarding myself on a job well done.

Not only had I truly cleansed my skin, I had removed the deepest impurities, exfoliated away all the deep cells, and completely restored moisture and balance into my face. The results were so visible I couldn’t believe it.

I felt more ready than ever to meet a million strangers, just so I could smile at them with skin so youthful and vibrant I not only saw the best of my skin, but the best of me.

The XTRUE 10am and 10 pm Series really made me believe that Love Renaissance is ‘making everyone in the universe beautiful and happy.’

The Royal Hawaiian Center location is currently the only store, however all of the incredible products can be purchased online.


To view the products, and learn more about the company, you can visit the Love Renaissance website


Photos used from Love Renaissance website

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