Lift Your Face; Lift Your Spirits: A new kind of facelift

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A face lift without surgery, at home?  Impossible?  But it's true.  Developed by Carol Cole, of Nu Face,  this hand held device, which is sold now only at exclusive stores as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's and spas, is available for home use.  Not only is it used as correctional, but it can be used as a preventative, also.  It's been called the "missing link of anti aging."


An esthetician, or skin care therapist, Carol started her career at the Golden Door Spa.  Clients came, asking her what to do about their droopy eyes or sagging jaw line.  "They were sick of look tired all the time."   In 1985, she came across the use of micro-current therapy and began using it with her clients.  "They came back absolutely amazed.  After 12-18 treatments, the long term effects were phenomenal.  The muscles stayed in shape. The skin became tighter and thicker.  Wrinkles are improved, too.  I decided to see if I could make it available for everyone. After all, there was only so much of me that could go around. I wanted something that my clients could use in between sessions with me. "


Originally developed as a medical treatment for Bells Palsy and stroke victims, micro-current is used for healing of things like arthritis and sports injuries, as well.  Now, it can be used for beauty, too.   Microcurrents tone the muscle by increasing the collagen and the rate at which the body produces it's own muscle proteins and fibroblasts.  In the USA, however, the NuFace is only licensed for use on the face, though in Europe it is used on other parts of the body, as well.


Carol found that when people looked better and felt better, they often were stimulated to lose weight, as well.  Carol is happy to know how many people she is helping and have helped in both their beauty, making a visible difference, and their spiritual growth.  She urges everyone to take a before picture so that they can see how they are improving.  "I used to think that my droopy eye was a product of my aging.  I used NuFace on the surrounding area and it improved.  Only later, when I was at a family reunion, did I find that I had this droopy eye since I was a teenager.  I couldn't believe that the NuFace had actually cleared it up." 


Curious to get started, I tried my NuFace.  First washing my face well, freeing it of any make up or moisturizer,  I then put on the conductive gel.  Immediately, I could feel the slight tingle of the micro-current as I rolled the device over my cheeks and forehead.  One is not supposed to use it near the eyes or the mouth, but in the process of the treatments, those areas are affected positively, as well.  Washing the gel off, I applied the optimizing moisturizing.  At first, I wasn't sure if I saw any difference but then after a few hours, still feeling a slight tingling, I did notice that my jaw seemed a little tighter.  Carol says that the treatment lasts a good seven to eight hours and if going to a special event, she would apply it in the morning.  "Sometimes, you even look better the day after."   I found out that if I were doing a facial treatment, I would do the NuFace after the treatment.


NuFace's micro current is safe to use five days a week and we might want to do that to get your face in shape.  Then once you have achieved results you want, you can do a maintenance of several times a week.  "Our muscles have memory and they recall what they are supposed to, but like regular exercise, it's important to keep it up."


Looking better with NuFace definitely uplifts you and your spirits. 


The cost of the device is around $325 and the kit comes with everything you need.  for those who cannot get to a spa, NuFace is often seen on QVC Shopping and on line at    

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