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Let’s Talk NAILS for Spring

By Donna Spangler

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Let’s Talk NAILS for Spring

Every fashion fanatic knows that style extends to your nails, so what should you be sporting come spring?  I’ve got the latest beauty buzz for nails, so that when you reach for your favorite clutch or hold the hand of your crush, your fingers will look fantastic.

THE NEUTRAL NAIL: Yes, it’s back again this year.  Although spring typically brings bright colors in terms of clothing, the classic neutral nail is once again a mega craze this season.  Pale pinks, whites, taupe and nude will be must-have colors for your manicure.

ROCKIN’ METALLIC: If you’re looking for a bit more spice, flashes of metallic will also be hitting the scene. Eye-catching silvers, glittering blacks and even neons will be a perfect accessory for a night out.

DARK AND BOLD: Make a grab for dark polishes as colors such as deep magnetic greys, midnight blues and ominous blacks will also peak as a major trend.

TWO-TONED MANICURE: Pair your two favorite spring colors for a fun twist on the French mani.  Incorporate some of the other trends such as metallic paints or light+dark.

ADD SOME TEXTURE: The textured look will put fashion on your fingertips this season.  Make a splash with this funky trend.


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Published on Mar 15, 2013

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