Jacqueline Piotaz - Your Secret for a Timeless Beautiful Skin

Jacqueline Piotaz is a name synonymous to Swiss quality and innovation. A Swiss brand that has established its name due to six core values. All of the brands products are designed, developed, produced and packaged in Switzerland, are of impeccable quality, have been tested for their effectiveness on skin, use the revolutionary combination of nature and advanced cellular research, complement each other and are environmentally friendly!


We had the chance to meet the lady behind this and ask her a few questions:


How did it all start?

The first time I got in contact with the world of Beauty, was when I was working for Swissair. I was a Purser and become a Beauty instructor. Which was very fascinating because I saw the importance to take care of the skin, as on flights the air is so dry and then the danger and risk of getting to much sun in all the beautiful destinations. I saw the damage some people had, for they did not care enough for their skin. 

Back in 1987 my husband and I decided to work together and we opened at the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich our first Beauty salon together (today we call them Day Spa). Beauty from head to toe first class.

We also opened the first Spa in a hotel, which became one of the first Spa in Switzerland, we led the VANITY CLUB for 10 years very successfully. We opened another VANITY Art of Beauty in Zurich and the latest is now VANITY Med where we also have a doctor on the premises.

For 20 years we are also a distributer in Switzerland for International brands like THALGO. It gave me a lot of experience, what clients and professional like to work with and what really brings success to both parties. Also to learn what works and what doesn’t bring any success.

Beside this, I was involved with educating apprentices in our places and I am an Examiner for CIDESCO since 1992.             


 What inspires you to "design - create" your products?

 When I came across the Plant Stem Cell Technology I was very fascinated. The Scientists, who developed this Phyto, technology first, were also Swiss. I also liked the way plant stem cell work on skin and the sustainability of this new technology to get also very rare plants and protected species.

I read about this actually the first time, while I was in the USA in a Vogue Magazine. It said Michelle Obama discovers the Swiss apple. So I was very curious and wanted to know more about it and found the gamay grape, which where I was born in the Valais call a powerful anti-oxidant and then the Alp Rose which works for the skin barrier better protection. These three plant stem cells became the basic and heart of the collections. 


What is your competitive advantage compared to other Swiss products?

 First of all it is a very authentic brand. I am one of the few women working since 30 years in the world of beauty and having created my own brand out of my personal of experience. Our high quality Swiss brand is a small and simple concept based on different plant stem cells. Five steps five golden heroes to maintain and to get a healthy beautiful skin. Our products have all multiple functions and do not contain any alcohol, mineral oil, Vaseline, animal products and are not animal tested All products come in airless flacons and therefore more hygienic and less preservative.

We have also created signature facials with our own power and lifting massage and detox-acupressure massages. These facials are results driven. I wanted the clients to have a great experience and an immediate result after the facial. 


What is your favorite product of your line?

 My personal favorite is the 9 D Serum with its 9 anti-aging experts. This serum has the latest innovative active ingredients for a skin, which needs all the extras to activate, latest antioxidants, protect, with CelltoCell communication and more. The ingredients like the Dermcom have won multiple international awards for the proven clinical effectiveness. For men and women, who are over 30 and looking for an immediate and longtime results.


What is the best selling product?

First of all, I would say the heart collection with the five steps, which exist in 3 different sizes, which is also appreciated for having travelling sizes.  The best selling in single sizes is the Soft Peel Tonic and the 24hr Power Cream. 

 The soft peeling is a must have product today for all our customers. They love it, as it is 2-1 steps because it takes the dead cells and the pollution of the skin and ideal for preparing the products of the follow up product.

The 24hr Power because it is also 2-1 in one day and night and gives the skin a healthy finishing touch and a wonderful glow and with the HAPPPYBELLE ingredient a happy feeling.


What was it like to be at the DPA Pre-Golden Globe Gift Suite? 

I was a great experience for us. I never thought that the big stars would be so much interested to learn about skincare and our Swiss innovation and quality brand. It also showed me that people no matter who they are and what they do, need to be more educated about the importance of skincare. It was also great to see and feel how much they like my high Swiss quality brand.  


Would you ever consider incorporating the Edelweiss and its attributes, since it is a flower found in the Swiss Alps and is believed to give ingredients that offer to the elixir of youth?

I love it and we have Bio Edelweiss practically in every product it is a powerful anti-oxidant which with today’s pollution it’s a absolute must have in the products today.


What is your next step? 

My next step in creating is body products and a different concept for younger people. 


Where can we find them?

The products are in 5 stars hotel and top beauty places in Switzerland and International we are also in 5 stars like in the USA at the Montage Hotel and for example in Muscat, Oman in Clinics.

It is also possible to purchase it online on our website.


Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I have been a consultant, instructor and advisor in skin care for many years. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look well after the skin as, it is the only one we have and the biggest organ. The earlier we start with a routine the better. It has become more and more important we do have today so much environment stress and especially as the pollution is getting worse and we can see how many more problems the people have with the skin because of that.

Therefore a daily consequent routine in care steps for the skin is so important to maintain or get a healthy and good-looking skin.   

Thank you!


Photography: Courtecy of Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

Website: www.jacquelinepiotaz.com

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