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How to Wear Retro Makeup

By Donna Spangler

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Retro makeup is so much fun to play with. There's nothing more exciting than transforming your femininity for a day into a glamorous, vintage look. While this is a look I typically save for special occasions, I sometimes like to integrate a retro eye or lip into my makeup routine. Retro makeup is about placing a dramatic emphasis on brows, eyes, and lips. Lips usually appear very red and luscious, while brows are shaped and groomed to create an exxagerated appearance. Typically, I incorporate just one of these elements while de-emphasizing the rest of my makeup. Today I'm going to discuss doing strong lips and brows.

To create strong red lips, begin by neutralizing your lips. Using a concealer brush apply a tiny amount of concealer all over your lip. Then, set the concealer with a little bit of pressed powder or foundation that is the same color as your face. After you have set the entire lip, choose a lip pencil that matches your lipstick and begin by tracing your lips within the lines of the concealer. Sometimes I like to trace a smaller lip rather than fill my actual lip. After tracing the lip, use the side of the pencil to shade within the area. Fill in completely. Then, take your lipstick and apply one fresh coat on top to set the lips completely. Any extra concealer or rugged lines can typically be cleaned off with a brush or q-tip. My favorite brands include: Mac, Makeup Forever, and Lime Crime for lipstick!

For strong brows, use a shadow and angled brush. Begin by tracing your lower brows. Once you are satisfied with the line, use your brush to push up the shadow into the rest of the brow. Do not trace the upper brow, as this too often creates a severe, unnatural look. Using the angled brush, blend the line into the rest of the brow and using a clean mascara wand, organize your brows and shade in the rest.

And there you go. Retro makeup is all about being playful and experimenting, so have fun and explore!


Published on Apr 16, 2014

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