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How to look spicy in the bedroom for your man

By Donna Spangler

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“A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.”
– Vivica A.Fox

Everybody knows that, having a loving and caring partner can enrich your life, intensified with the interaction that you have in the bedroom. A passionate and sensual sex life can help to make you feel beautiful, loved and fulfilled. It also releases endorphins that are said to have other health benefits such as giving you more energy and putting you in a happy mood. A satisfying sex life is also proven to boost your self-esteem, and your overall happiness and well-being. When it comes to beauty, for most women, they have one sole person that they want to find them sexy, appealing and attractive. And this starts with how you see yourself. You know the saying, “true beauty starts within?” well I hate to break it to you but it’s true.
It is so important to feel beautiful and sexy in the bedroom with your partner. You can achieve this by being enthusiastic and confident. A large component of being sexy is being playful and flirty. You must live in the moment. Don’t put too much thought on if you are good enough, sexy enough, skilled enough. Believe that you are. Inhibitions and self-consciousness will show. If your partner wants to try something, then be open to it, unless it goes against your moral fiber. Respect both your partner’s fantasies and boundaries.

Try Using something SWEET

A woman who has a defined sense of self, style and class will be beautiful in the bedroom. It is important to be secure with your body. Be proud. That is why working out is important as it will help to make you feel good about your body as well as maintain those endorphins. It is also essential to be compatible with the person you are involved with in the bedroom in order to feel comfortable and feel at your best. If you have a great chemistry then nothing else matters but the intense connection you have together. Connecting on such a deep level will intensify your sexual experience.
If you have been following my advice with a healthy diet and exercise routine, then chances are you will be more sure of yourself and confident when you interact with your partner. It is more important that you feel good about yourself than anything else.
Expressing yourself by getting dressed up in something you feel sexy in once in a while is positive because even if your partner doesn’t care, you will feel that you are sexy and beautiful, thus project this to your partner making a more intense and enjoyable experience. There must be a balance of emotional feelings and physical attraction to sustain a good relationship. Couples today date, get together and usually explore the physical aspects of the relationship if it is going to go to the next level. When it comes to sex and romance, anything goes in the bed room. Problems in a relationship involving sexual partners arise for various reasons.
There are so many sexual choices each individual can have, which can be a deal breaker for couples if their partner has very different preferences sexually than they do. Some people prefer raw, sloppy lovemaking that is intense and passionate. Other individuals prefer sterile, formal and more traditional sexual encounters. Others need stories and role playing to excite their fantasies or experimenting with adult toys.

Try dressing up

What is interesting is that what turns on one person may disgust another. This is where compatibility from a purely sexual angle does matter. It is vital to open up the lines of communication of what each other wants, keeping an open mind but not forgetting what you feel comfortable with.
There is no set formula when it comes to the bedroom.
Chemistry plays a vital part in bedroom activities. The way someone smells, feels, looks and acts is all part of this. One couple may like certain activities with each other, but may not like the same activities with someone else.
Should you wear makeup between the sheets?

A little make-up never hurts

Yes you should, but just enough to make you feel sexy. If you wear too much eye liner it could run from the heat of passion, so you may want to get water proof to ensure you don’t end up looking like Alice Cooper. I recommend that you at least wear a great mascara or if you have lash extensions or use a lash growing product like Latise or Revitalash, you are good to go. You want your eyes to pop, and for your partner to be mesmerized and get lost in them. A little face makeup/blush is fine, but don’t cake it on – you don’t want it to end up all over the sheets or your partner! Make sure to thoroughly wash your make-up off after you go to bed so your skin can stay at its best.

When you are with someone, makeup is less important for the person you are with because they will be into the sensual part of the act as how they are feeling with you. However, it will make you feel more beautiful and desirable, making you a more confident and seductive lover.

With these tips ladies your partner will never want to leave the bedroom. Now get in there, be your best you and put in that work with your partner Girl!

Published on May 13, 2015

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