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BeautiControl: Recently named one of America's Best Brands


A home visit by a spa expert can provide ultimate pampering in today’s fast-paced world, and BeautiControl features state-of-the-art products and services in the comfort of your own surroundings. Who are the experts in this burgeoning field?

Splash Magazines found Yahrasiel Colbert, a Beverly Hills-based expert who makes skincare and body care simple and easy without leaving your own home. “We transform any living room, office, or school into a spa,” says Colbert. “We literally bring the spa anywhere!”


BeautiControl's Yahrasiel Colbert: A driving force in Home Spa Treatment


Yahrasiel has been featured in numerous luxury suites and has a high-profile clientele who span the greater Los Angeles area. Splash Magazine Los Angeles was able to sit down with her to discuss how she formed her successful, independently operated home spa business through BeautiControl, one of the hottest names in personalized skin care.


BeautiControl: Empowering women to live beautiful lives, achieve gorgeous results & share the opportunity


Splash: What is it about BeautiControl that makes it so popular, and why did you choose this line to represent?


Yahrasiel: I love working with BeautiControl for so many reasons. The first reason is the integrity and quality of the products…they really sell themselves. Here’s are a couple of examples of what clients tell me on a regular basis:


Turn back time, brighten and beautify with BeautiControl


"Yahrasiel gave me the Extreme Instant Face Lift on one side of my face. I couldn't believe the difference after 30 minutes. I've been on a skin care regiment my whole life. I did not think it was going to work so fast. I'm a client for life."

Dorothy A. Davis



My face used to feel rough before I used the BeautiControl Spa Facial products. The night creme feels like silk. I had large pores and oily skin. Now, my face is smooth and soft. My pores have gotten so much smaller thanks to the AHA toner, resurfacing peel and microdermabrasion. The Detox refreshing mist and tablets really help relax after a stressful day.

LaToya Brassell



“When I realized I could work my own hours and make a very nice living while standing behind products that people love,” said Yahrasiel, “it was an easy choice to get involved on a professional level.”


BeautiControl: Creating beautiful lives filled with passion and opportunity


So Splash Magazine sat down and took a look at the products, and here’s what we found:


BeautiControl is the #1 Premium Spa Brand, an internationally recognized beauty company offering personalized service, scientifically advanced skin care and premium quality cosmetics.



As the first direct sales company to bring the Spa experience into the home, BeautiControl specializes in innovative, high-quality skincare, anti-aging and color cosmetics products, featured through an in-home Spa experience.



BeautiControl is located throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, providing premium products and services, unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to change women's lives. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands, founded in 1946.


New York Fashion Week’s Style 360 shows featured BeautiControl makeup.


BeautiControl: Offering clients information, care, and products that deliver results


For over 30 years, BeautiControl and its almost 100,000 Consultants have chosen to conduct their business with integrity, honesty, humility and honor and live each day empowering women to dream with confidence.



“It’s also a great family to be a part of,” continued Yahrasiel. When new Consultants join my team, it’s so encouraging to help them train and work with them as they learn the strategies of making some extra money. It’s great to help them enjoy the benefits of staying home with their kids, being recognized for doing a good job, having more flexibility in their lives, or just having some fun and meeting new people. 



Part of her team’s success with BeautiControl points back to Yahrasiel’s impressive history in teaching and mentorship. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Health and Physical Education, and continued on to receive a Masters of Education in Physical Education, a Masters of Education in Education Leadership, and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership.

It’s clear that Yahrasiel’s focus is helping people reach their dreams through BeautiControl. She has contributed to the amazing brand by bringing the BeautiControl spa experience to the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards, the 2012 Academy Awards, the Kentucky Derby, Terrence Howard’s Rally for Kids with Cancer, as a Sponsor for the Trumpet Awards, and to the Primetime Emmy’s.



“Four years ago, I started with the business because I loved the products. I was also looking for more flexibility and a little extra cash each month. BeautiControl helped put more money in my pocket. Once I started holding spas, I realized how simple it was and how much money I could make. Soon, I started to love the limitless opportunities that BeautiControl offered. I decided to resign from 12 years of teaching to focus on BeautiControl, and I haven’t looked back since.”



 “With the BeautiControl Career opportunity, I can make a great income and still work around my schedule,” Yahrasiel continued. “I have the opportunity to earn new cars, beautiful jewelry and trips around the world. BeautiControl has changed my life, and it can change yours too.”



“I love hearing this kind of victory from the Consultants on my team:”

"Today, my son had a fever. I didn't need to call the boss and tell him/her that I won't be coming in because I'm the boss. I didn't have to figure out if I had enough vacation time because my time is my time. And I don't have to worry about how to afford this day off because I'm going to get on the phone and sell a product that is part of a line that's been named one of America's Best Brands. And within three months, even though I will follow up with my client, she may call me because what she uses works, and she can't go a day without it. That's why I sell Beauticontrol..."

Amanda Brooks



Splash Magazine: How does one get started?


Yahrasiel: The business kit is $125. You get over $400 in products with it plus business tools. Training is included and is ongoing as well. I think one of the best things about this business is that we never walk alone. I pride myself on helping women reach their personal dreams and goals through our brand. 



For more information on Beauticontrol products or becoming a Consultant, email [email protected] or go to www.therealspagirl.com and click "Opportunity." 


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