Bring in the New Year Looking Fabulous - Holiday Makeup Tips for the Spectacular Woman in You


Bring in the New Year Looking Fabulous, with Holiday Makeup Tips that will make Fireworks!


New Years Eve is around the corner and we all want to add something special to our makeup for the evening. Use these trendy makeup tips to make you stand out and bring in the New Year with a Bang!


First Makeup Tip: Apply foundation AFTER applying eyeshadow looks. Using powdered eyeshadows will fall and bleed onto the face. It will give you the opportunity to clean your face off of any fallout from the eyeshadow application.


WHICH BRUSHES TO USE: When applying the eyeshadow, use these brushes like the MAC Cosmetic brushes I have chosen here, Brush Numbers are: #208, #219, #213, #263, #239 and #215. The brushes can get really close to the lash line and create the neat and precise amount of color to the eyelid as you want. They let you start small with the color you choose, then build up to the rich color you want with each stroke!!


1. Getting Started: If you want to make a statement like you’ve never done before with makeup, add color to the eyes! Yes matching your eyeshadow to your dress is great and most commonly done, but you can think outside the box a little more. Use a color that contrasts buts in the same family as your favorite dress. Before you can begin adding eyeshadow to the eyelids, add an eye primer. Start by using a black eyeliner pencil to the waterline of the eye, carry that liner to the top of the lid. That will make the color you apply next, pop!!

If you’re wearing a green dress to the party, instead of wearing just a green eyeshadow, try a gold/yellow shadow or a dark maroon shadow to compliment the color you’re wearing. Using a color that is in the same family as the color your wearing, adds a nice contrast and makes the outfit your wearing stand out even more.  You can also use more than one color to the lids. Using a lighter color on the inner corners of the eyelid, it opens the eyes and gives it a youthful look. Blending a darker color to the outside corners of the eye, can create a spectacular festive look to your night! Don’t be afraid of continuing the lighter color into the brow bone for a finishing touch!   When applying such great detail and color to the eyes I will always go with a nude or pale lip color that matches your skin type.  Using these tips will give the eye makeup a chance to standout on its own and keeps you from looking overdone or drag queen like.

2. Keeping things a bit more simple, yet bold and amazing, let’s go with BLACK! No matter what color you’re wearing to the holiday party, you can always bet on classic black smoldering smoky eyes.  During the holidays, it’s always about more, so go bold with a creamy black eyeshadow look. Start off with an eye primer and continue with a more subtle conservative look by adding simple kohl black eyeliner to the waterline of the eyes. Bring the eye pencil to the very inner corner of the eye and continuing the liner to the top line above the lashes. Then use a blending brush to smudge the line to create a more natural look. This look is great for women who don’t use a lot of makeup throughout the year but want to add a bit more during the holidays. You can top this makeup look off with a nice red lip or dark maroon lip which is really in this season! Creating a bold eye with black is a fun way to make a statement. Focusing on the one color can make one of the biggest statements at the New Years Eve party. Using a black creamy eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow is all you need. Start off with black eyeliner to line the eyes. Then use the black cream liner to broaden the line by taking the eyeliner brush and going over the black liner twice. This is where you gradually make the eyeliner expand over the lash line. Follow the natural way the eye goes, by gradually getting smaller in the inner corners of the eye. Expand the liner as you go further away from the inner corners. Do the same thing on the eyelid. Expand the cream liner all the way up until you hit the crease. Make sure you do not go too far, stop at the brow bone. Then with another brush, lightly pat a black eyeshadow over the top of the cream liner to seal in the cream so it last the evening. This tip is also good for blending the cream and eyeshadow together, it appears matte, which creates a more appealing look.  Don’t forget to finish this look with lots of mascara or false lashes!

3. When applying foundation, use a flawless matte look for coverage. Start off with a silicone based face primer, to make a smooth canvas before applying the foundation. Then use a liquid foundation or cream foundation of your choice.  Finish these polished looks with a translucent powder to set the makeup. Giving the makeup a flawless opaque texture which will stay put for the remainder of the night!

Go ahead and get started on these easy makeup tips for New Years Eve! They can make you glow and stand out from the rest! Having confidence and committing to these makeup looks, is just the start of being adventurous and having courage to take on new things for 2014!


Photos by Donica Denene – freelance makeup artist & beauty expert

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