Great Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season 2016 - Gift Ideas for When You Just Don't Know What to Get!

Is there someone in your life that still has you stumped on what to get them for Christmas? I know for me I just never know what to get my mom and sisters. Sometimes when people ask the dreaded questions, "What do you want for Christmas" I never know what to say. Choosing gifts to give (or ask for) can be tough. You sometimes don't want to spend too much on people and you don't want to ask for something too expensive that you end up just getting a gift card because they didn't want to spend that much money.

Well, I have compiled some gifts that I think are amazing!!  So take a look and see what you think.  Who knows maybe you will find that perfect gift here!!


Gifts Under $50

Taut Collagen

Taut Premium Collagen is North America’s first drinkable collagen brand. Though drinking collagen may appear novel to American skincare connoisseurs, Asian beauty consumers have been using Taut for years to both improve the skin’s natural appearance and for wound repair. Taut was formulated in Japan and overseas it is a household beauty staple.

Each 1.7 oz bottle of Taut contains 13,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen making it the highest concentration of ingestible collagen on the market. Taut is all-natural, preservative free, chemical free, allergen-free, gluten free, and sweetened with Stevia. "Beauty from the inside out and beauty from the outside in” is the Taut motto. Accordingly, the brand offers two collagen boosting products and programs depending upon consumer need: Taut Premium Collagen as well as Taut Collagen Masks. Those new to the ingestible collagen experience are encouraged to drink one bottle of Taut before bedtime every night for 21 straight days. There is also a maintenance program for longer results. This great tasting shot of collagen will soon be the hot beauty product in 2017 and makes for the perfect gift for that beauty conscious person in your life.

Brain HQ Screenshot

Representing the culmination of more than 30 years of neurological research, BrainHQ features 29 exercises aimed to improve attention, memory, brain speed, intelligence, navigation, and people skills. BrainHQ is a fun way to give the gift of a more brilliant brain and sends a thoughtful message in wishing for someone’s health, happiness and well-being. Each one of the hundreds of levels of exercises automatically adapts to the user’s skill level, so he or she is always training at the right stage for his or her brain, and it truly offers a unique experience for each user. Posit Science has made it simple for last minute shoppers to purchase a subscription. This unique gift package starts at just $39 and can be sent to loved ones via email at any time they choose.

Photo Courtesy of Canviiy

If you are anything like me, sometimes your scalp can just get incredibly dry. No one likes itching their head throughout the day, so here is a product that can help battle that!

Canviiy is the perfect gift and solution for that problem! A natural-based brand with products that soothe and nourish what's on the outside, Canviiy's mission is for women to feel confident and beautiful on the inside.

Canviiy's ScalpBliss™ botanical-based scalp care products address the root of the problem for many people resulting in a one-of-a-kind formula to calm scalp itch. The serum is a blend of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that revitalize and nourish an irritated, itchy scalp while delivering a long-lasting soothing sensation. The ScalpBliss™ formula includes aloe vera, witch hazel, manuka honey, peppermint, lavender and jojoba.

Canviiy's ScalpBliss™ Itch-Calming DipStix Set can be purchased at the Canviiy website and eBay. $14.99

New Zuke’s® Mini Naturals® Trees

Has your pup been good this year? Then reward them with new Zuke’s® Mini Naturals® Trees! Dogs everywhere will delight in these tree-shaped treats that are perfect for encouraging positive behavior during the hectic holiday season. Available in a mouthwateringly delicious Turkey with Cranberry recipe, Zuke’s Mini Naturals Trees are made with quality, lean protein and antioxidant-rich cranberries, cherries, rosemary and turmeric to support a healthy lifestyle.

Like Zuke’s original Mini Naturals, these wholesome, bite-sized, moist treats are made in the USA, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and are completely free of harsh additives, preservatives, and the common allergens wheat, corn and soy. At only 3 ½ calories each, four-legged family members can indulge in guilt-free holiday cheer throughout the season!

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Trees are available while supplies last at independent retailers and PetSmart locations nationwide for $5.79 per 6oz re-sealable bag. Visit Zuke's for more information.

Photo Courtesy of itBandz

For my sister, who loves to exercise, from plyojam classes to marathon's she often has sore knees. The itBandz are a great help for that. They are specifically designed for people who suffer from knee pain!

itBandz for Knees are neoprene patellar knee bands that support and stabilize the knee for people who suffer from knee pain when they are active. itBandz help alleviate pain from tendonitis, arthritis, and other chronic knee issues. They come in three sizes: Small (9" to 12"), Medium (12" to 16"), and Large (16" to 21") with the circumference measured below the knee.

Check out the different color designs on the itBandz website, and take measures to help that knee pain decress today! $19.99

Snowberry radiance face serum

Snowberry is a new skincare line based out of New Zealand, which is known for pristine waters, lush rainforests, and stunning vistas as far as the eye can see. Most of us will never make it to these islands set deep in the South Pacific, but this new local company, Snowberry has bottled up all that beauty into a serious anti-aging serum.

Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP™ combines the best of all worlds – the purest, yet most effective ingredients and the best of modern skin care science. The formula stems from five years of R & D in a doctoral program at New Zealand’s University of Auckland. Snowberry has the perfect combination of copper peptide and sodium hyaluronate, which together help hydrate, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and give the skin a more “plumped” appearance, but also on a trademarked delivery system exclusive to Snowberry that really sets this apart from other skincare products. Snowberry is also the first New Zealand skin care company to achieve carboNZeroCert™ certification for each of its products. Visit the Snowberry website to find out about their entire skincare line beginning at $32.00.

Photo Courtesy of hairbanglez

Another thing that I find super useful is the hairbanglez. When I wear my long hair down I like to have a rubber hair band, so I can put my hair up at any time when it starts to get in the way. I don't however like to wear the rubber bands around my wrist, because sometime they are too tight and cut off the blood circulation. With hairbanglz, you don't have to worry about that!!

Functioning as a holder for hair elastics and doubling as a stylish bracelet, hairbanglez is a new addition to the trend of smart fashion- efficient style that serves a purpose.Each bracelet has specially designed, indented grooves to hold one thick or thin elastic hair band in place, available in plastics, metals, sporty and mini versions. While the hair elastic is secure in the grooved compartment, it is still easily accessible by hand through the rounded dips surrounding the bangle.

Go to the hairbanglez website to order yours now. $6.00- $24.00


Gifts Over $50

Photo Courtesy of Flared Kits

Growing up my dad thought it was important that all of us as we got to the legal driving age, know a little something about cars, just in case of emergencies. He taught us about changing tires, changing oil, what types of warnings the car will give, how to jumpstart a car, and what to do if your car break downs on the road.

He would agree with the Flared Kits description. "When an emergency strikes, you ought to be confident in your ability to jumpstart your car, alert other drivers, call for help, and anything else that might come your way. The Luxury Auto Emergency Kit by FLARED offers all of the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge for you to be a safe and stylish driver.

Slim and sleek, the lockable kit is conveniently organized for accessibility and fits easily in the trunk. FLARED offers both the Classic Kit which includes a DIY repair kit, pepper spray, basic tool kit, reflective belt, LED flashlight, and glow sticks to name a few of the items and The Deluxe Kit which offers everything that's in the Classic Kit and more. This includes a waterproof, floating, crush-proof and magnetic LED emergency flare, bottled water and snacks, a signature FLARED umbrella, and a portable power bank so you can recharge your phone in a pinch. Both kits present a chic purple design and include everything necessary for any possible roadside dilemma so that you can drive with certainty and class.

Purchase your kit today at the Flared Kits website. Use the code "splash mag" at checkout for a 15% discount on your order! $64.99 - $89.99

Photo Courtesy of BINK

I was in search of some fun side tables this summer and most of what I found was too short or too square. Then I found BINK from BDI and they were just perfect, and were in fun bold colors. I use them every day and just love them! It is true when they say they are the perfect furniture companion anywhere you work or relax. Whether on the computer at the sofa, lounging poolside or simply snacking in front of the TV, this convenient mobile media table goes anywhere you want.

With a soft, contoured shape, BINK creates a comfortable workspace for a laptop or tablet, and is designed to easily glide under a chair or sofa. It's also the perfect poolside companion for summer, as it is powder coated to withstand the elements, so can keep your best book, or frosty beverage, nearby. Constructed of aluminum and steel, it weighs only 20 lbs., so can easily be picked up and moved anywhere you are. BINK is perfectly at home inside or out and is available in an array of tasty colors.

Go to theBINK website to check out their array of colors and order one for the person on your list! $249.00

Photo Courtesy of DERMAFLASH

Ever watched a movie and wonder how the stars have such flawless skin? Well, other then makeup of course they take really good care of their skin. Here is a device you can use in the comfort of your own bathroom to help you start that journey to flawless skin!

DERMAFLASH is a revolutionary at-home professional quality exfoliation device for the removal of dead surface cells, vellus hair and built up debris. The clinical-strength solution is safe and effective for all skin types. It's the first and only device of its kind to bring the benefits of professional dermaplaning to the convenience of home. Plus, it takes women from fuzzy, to fabulous in a flash - delivering better skin in just 10 minutes a week!

You can purchase this revolutionary product at the DermaFlash website. $189.00



Photo Courtesy of Bandstand Diaries

Bandstand Diaries: The Philadelphia Years, 1956-1963 shares the fascinating story of how Dick Clark's American Bandstand and its millions of viewers catapulted its teenage dancers (called "the Regulars") to fame. These teenagers became the nation's first reality-TV stars--they received thousands of fan letters and were mobbed everywhere they went. Their adoring fans copied their fashions, fads, and dance steps. Then, when they turned 18, they disappeared from the public eye, except for occasional reunions and news stories.

Order it today here! - $30

Photo Courtesy of Austin Macauley Publishers

How To Rock His World When You Are Over 50 Do you feel you're invisible because you are an older woman? Are you ignored by men, even on cougar night? Do you lack the confidence to compete with the young women of today? Do you think you are too fat? WELL, LADY, YOU ARE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  The answer to being regarded by men as beautiful and drop dead sexy is just pages away. This book shows you modern sexual techniques, and sex scripts you can use to feed your sexual appetite and reawaken the sleeping appetite of your man. We answer the universal question of all women, "As an older woman, how do I find and keep a man?"

Order it today here! - $11.95

Photo Courtesy of Timber Press

Sensational Succulents brings together two sweet and popular trends: coloring for adults and succulents. Featuring 75 illustrations drawn by Laura Serra and based on photographs from Debra Lee Baldwin’s bestselling books, it is filled with a huge array of succulents, the relaxing patterns that naturally occur in the plant world, fun mandalas made up of plants, and hours of restorative, creative fun. The illustrations appear on only one side of a high-quality paper that supports a variety of mediums, including pencils and markers.

Get yours today at Barnes & Noble- $12.95

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