Girls Love Curls

I recently tried some curlers from the lovely team at Sweet Roll. The sweet rolls are a simple solution to a lovely curl. An added benefit to these Sweet Rolls is that they condition hair through steam and make your hair and curls soft. You can use one big roll or several depending on how many curls you want added to your hair. Simply clip them up with the provided hair clips and leave it in for a half hour for desired effect. The process could not be more straightforward!

First, brush out your hair completely.

Then put the rolls in the microwave for thirty seconds (I usually do two at a time). When the rolls have been properly heated, remove them from the microwave. For smaller curls use the smaller rolls and vice-versa.

Divide your hair into six different sections beginning with the section of hair closest to the nape of your neck.

Take a large roll and wrap your hair around the roll until hair feels tight. Then, slowly bend the roll into a circle. Tie the strands together and clip firmly into hair.

Do this with the next section of hair until all of hair has been clipped into the rolls.

Leave in anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes while you are getting ready for your day. Once removed, Sweet Rolls will leave you with lovely soft curls. I like to add a pump or two of hairspray to keep the ringlets from flattening out.

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