George the Salon Review-The Answer to Your Hair Prayers

Desperate. Neglected. Depressed. Dull. Uncomfortably unhealthy and a little deranged. Those were a few adjectives that could be used to characterize the desolate state that my hair was in. As we barely graze the double digits of January and the New Year, resolutions are still being declared. One of my resolutions was to hack my over processed locks off, start from scratch and grow beautiful virgin, healthy hair. I Google’d healthy hair elixirs, miracle hair growth testimonials, and all but purchased a pair of gardening shears when I realized the best way to restore one’s hair health was not to take the DIY approach, but to call on the skills of a trained professional. According to many reliable sources, including CS Magazine and Allure Magazine, George the Salon owned by celebrity hairstylist George Gonzalez, was the sanctuary to go repent my hair sins and redeem a life in my hair that I thought lost forever.

George the Salon!

George the Salon located on 23 West Hubbard Street downtown Chicago is an extremely serene and hallowed venue. It is the ideal and ethereal atmosphere to get ones hair lathered and massaged, rinsed pure, blown sleek, and manicured into perfection. The staff is angelic and the service is flawless, making it the closest to hair heaven that you or I are ever going to get. My Hair Savior, less formally referred to as George, has been styling hair for over twenty years and feels that what makes him most successful, aside from pure talent, is the fact that he really listens and is receptive to his client’s needs. He takes their ideas and desires into consideration and infuses his own intuition to guide his clients on the path toward righteous hair.

George working his magic

George was aware by the age of five that the right haircut had the potential to be life altering, and takes that into consideration every time a client settles into his chair. George has expanded his repertoire to include clientele like the Professional Golf Association where he bestowed his talent and expertise for the President’s Cup Golf Tournament in Melbourne, Australia this past November. In addition to the PGA, George the Salon expands its range of celebrity services via staff stylist Michelle Forst, who styles Rosie O'Donnell's hair for The Rosie Show on Oprah's OWN Network.

plush client seating area

What’s a pseudo-spiritual experience without a little testimonial right? Well after George laid hands on my hair it was unburdened of its damaged ends, it was more luminous, voluptuous, and to my delight swingier and bouncier than before. My Hair Savior was not without his Hair Doctrine informing me that my vitamin intake had more of an impact on my hair health and growth than any grow hair quick scheme I could research. I always thought perfect hair really did come in a shampoo or conditioner bottle, or even some overpriced magic-serum; but the amount of iron you intake as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E all play a role in the encouragement of blooming tresses. George also sagely informed me that products that employ both protein and moisture as opposed to one or the other are most ideal. A warning to those over-zealous under-informed individuals like me who would run out and load their hair up with protein, convinced that mass quantities will expedite the growth process; too much protein can parch the hair! According to Mr. Gonzalez, the best way to achieve hair nirvana is to achieve balance. You do not have to radically alter your hair regimens, diet, exercise, or styling products. Simply adding more positive and healthy habits to your existing ones will coax your hair into turning a new leaf.

sprawling space in the beautiful salon

Similar to the Biblical parable of the man who is taught to fish and fares better than the man who is given a fish for one day, George wants to inspire his clients. George can transform you the day of your appointment, but he wants you to leave his salon equipped to maintain your divine mane for much longer than that. George does not keep hush-hush industry secrets or push ‘hot, new’ styles on his clients. He educates his clients on the right style and cut for their face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle and illustrates for his clients the symbiotic relationship between hair’s health and its style.

handsome George all smiles

While George has enough to brag about, he is much too humble to do so. He recognizes God as the source of all of his blessings and insists that his salon isn’t really his place, but God’s. George has an ambitious eye on the future, hoping to develop his own line of hair care products and have them available for sale by the end of 2012. He wants to create a strong brand and is designating a portion of the future brand’s proceeds to go towards aiding victims of domestic abuse. George invites these victims of domestic violence to his salon for free hairstyles and makeovers; in an attempt to provide support and a caring environment to those who are most deserving of it. The products George is in the process of developing will also help encourage the stellar hair care legacy he is steadily building and will bless hair strands from root to end. Amen!

one day soon George's products will be here on display

George the Salon is located at 23 West Hubbard 4th floor. Chicago, IL 60654

The salon can be reached at: 312.923.9444 (voice)/ 312.923-9446 (fax)

or by visiting them on-line at:

**Photos courtesy of Janice McCafferty PR



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