For A Healthy Pregnancy Join a Prenatal Exercise Program

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a quicker bounce back is to exercise during pregnancy, but according to a recent study many women still fear exercising during pregnancy despite all the evidence of its benefit.

A Prenatal Exercise Program is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy

It’s imperative that pregnant women know exercise is GOOD for her and not harmful to the fetus when done correctly.

Now, thanks to a new Prenatal Exercise program pregnant women can rest assured that the exercise they’re doing is safe and tailored specifically to address her changing body and pregnancy health issues.  The prenatal program is professionally produced and developed by a team of traditional and alternative doctors and physical therapists.  Best of all it can be done on the woman’s schedule and is available as an Apple App or DVD.  It focuses on safe core strengthening exercises that help pregnant women avoid injury (pregnant women are more prone to injuries), control weight gain, and recover faster from labor and delivery.  The prenatal program actually helps women feel pretty remarkable throughout their pregnancy.

The study showing the prevalence of fear of exercise during pregnancy found:
•    Only 27% of the women exercised during pregnancy with many feeling it would hurt the fetus.
•    40% of minority women believed that even brisk walking would hurt the fetus.

"Despite what we have said over the last 10 years, pregnant women are still afraid exercise is going to hurt their child," says researcher Melissa J. Hague, MD, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine in Wichita.

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