FHI Heat 8 Second Curl Review-Hot and Fresh in 8 Seconds Guaranteed!

FHI Heat, purveyors of sexy hair everywhere and the esteemed tools by which to maintain that sex, has outdone itself yet again with the creation of a brand new heat styling tool.  The new Runway IQ for 8 Second Curls, created by FHI Heat hairstylist and president of FHI Heat, Shauky Gulamani, takes the established concept of hot rollers and adds a dash of 21st century technological capabilities and some innovation to achieve a new toy worthy of the FHI Heat family.  The exclusive product launch and demonstration took place at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago at the McCormick Place and blessed as I am, yours truly was there to witness. 

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Mr. Gulamani not surprisingly well manicured and quite handsome was there in person to demonstrate his new invention and explain how it worked.  In anticipation of viewing the new product, I imagined the 8 Second Curl to be nothing short of a magic wand complete with spell book, but was shocked and delighted to find that Mr. Gulamani was a little more subtle than that.  The 8 Second Curl Styling Rapid Hair System is a hot roller set.  In the past, he explained to me in his charming accent, hot rollers were heated all at once which all but encouraged a race to get all of the hot rollers into the hair before the fingertips were singed or the rollers cooled.  It took an accurate guess to determine the perfect time to take the rollers out, and sometimes they were either too hot or not enough, creating a curl and roulette where no one was quite sure if the style was going to come out intact. 

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The 8 Second Curl eliminates the guess work and brings us from the past to the future.  The Rapid Styling System includes a heating base that is cool to the touch but works exclusively with the Rapid Heat Rollers heating them to a consistent 284 degrees in eight seconds.  The rollers are heated one at a time instead of all at once; you pop one in the little heating base like a microwave and in eight seconds the light goes off and the bell sounds and the roller is ready.  The roller gradually gets hotter, giving you enough time to wrap your locks around it before it gets too hot to touch.  Once it reaches 284 degrees, the ends of the roller changes colors from dark grey to clear, when it turns back to dark grey again  you know the roller has cooled and can be taken out of the hair.  This perfect timing and temperature ensures long lasting results, it also allows you to curl your hair one section at a time with no rush the way God and FHI Heat intended.


There are many benefits to this new system besides the fact that it’s just so unbelievably cool!  The rollers are designed to react only to the heating base, meaning that the heating base is never hot to the touch and allows you to avoid any accidents or injuries.  The rollers are made of ceramic which evenly heats the hair, locks in style, and the ceramic technology conditions the hair with less damage than other materials.  The rollers only remain hot for a designated amount of time which encourages longevity of the style but avoids excessive heat on your precious strands.  The 8 Second Rollers have self gripping Velcro which latches onto the hair and doesn’t let go until the style is complete.  The Velcro can also double as a sort of brush when used to comb through and tame the roots of the hair.  When the roller is heating up, it can create a ‘hot brush’ effect and can really come in handy with African American hair, thick, curly hair, or unprocessed hair (like mine).   The Rapid Heat Rollers come in four different sizes, Small (33mm), Medium (39mm), Large (46mm), and Extra Large (52mm).  Mr. Gulamani recommends using a combination of all four sizes to create a natural looking fiercely textured style. 

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With the 8 Second Curl you can achieve tight ringlets, luscious curls, loose waves, or even seductively straight styles with tons of body.  Versatility served as both a goal and an inspiration for Mr. Gulamani.  He wanted to create something that allowed stylists to use their creativity when conjuring styles instead of having to conform based on the tools that were available to them.  His muses came from Hollywood glamour, and Red Carpet style, and he wanted the 8 Second Curl to provide that glamour and style with spontaneity, creativity, and speed.  Unfortunately for us common folk, the 8 Second Curl will only be available to licensed stylists and salons, with a starter kit costing about $471 each.  It will be available for purchase in salons very soon, but for those curious or ambitious salon stylists who require additional information about the FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Hair System (aka the 8 Second Curl) please visit www.fhiheat.com or call toll-free 1-877-FHI-HEAT (877-344-4328); for international inquiries call 323-344-2900.  It would probably be wise to check with your salon and make sure that it has its FHI Heat 8 Second Curl on order soon so that you don’t miss out on this amazing texture revolution; embracing the future of hair styling never looked so good.

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FHI Heat 8 Second Curl!


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