Edimi and Michael Todd True Organics Giveaway

To introduce Splash Magazines Worldwide readers to organic skin care lines Edimi and Michael Todd True Organics, one lucky reader is going to win three products from each of these amazing organic skin care lines.

Edimi is renowned for bringing advanced skincare and expertise to consumers through luxury spas and salons worldwide. Led by Dr. Tick, scientists have developed products with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind.  Edimi continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring herbs, botanical actives and certified organics.

CUCUMBER FACIAL MASK: ($58) This mask helps to clean pores, improve complexion, relieve sunburn, tighten pores, reduce the appearance of age spots and freckles, leaving you with a fresh, revitalized, younger looking Skin. Directions: Massage into face and neck, avoiding the eye areas. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off well. What It’s For: Scaly, aging, flaky Skin, wrinkles, clogged pores, etc.

RECOVERY SERUM: ($86.00) This formula was taken from the very successful "Non-Surgical Face Lift" system and altered slightly for home use.  It actively promotes collagen and elastin production, and helps the Skin to repair itself. Directions: Use morning and night after cleansing face. DO NOT apply over Eye Serum. Let dry before applying Face and Neck Rejuvenator. DO NOT USE FOR: Roseacia, Couperose and Acne. What It’s For: Use for lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elastin and collagen, sagging Skin, dry Skin & aging Skin.

DEEP PORE CLEANSER: ($55.00) The deep pore cleanser penetrates deeper within the pores than any other cleanser on the market today. This makes it possible for creams and serums to get to their target and do their job. Bumps under Skin need deep pore cleanser. No harmful chemicals, no drying agents, non-burning and no irritation. May cause slight tingling effect. Directions: Apply nightly. What It’s For: For stubborn and solidified sebum under the surface that can cause bacteria growth and Skin fungus. Great for acne, oily, pimple and smoker Skin.

BODY EXFOLIATOR: ($56.00) Removes dead and dry Skin cells while revitalizing the Skin! What It’s For: Accumulation of dead Skin cells, flaky, dry, sick-looking.

ANTI-STRESS CREAM: ($96.00) Stress is the single biggest cause of poor health. In the home, on the job, money, terrorism, relationships... there is plenty of opportunity to become stressed. What It’s For: Anti Stress Cream is called the "Calming Cream" that can help to lower stress, and anxiety, and is great for Roseacia.

BODY CLEANSER: ($46.00) You will think perfume and color has been added to this product, when all the time, it is natural. Directions: Use in the bath or shower daily. What It’s For: Aging Skin, sallow-looking, pimples, dry, flaky, scales. 

TIGHTENING REJUVENATOR: ($96.00) For the millions of people having "botulism" injected in the name of a youthful, wrinkle-less Skin, there IS another way. This smooth gel, whose active ingredient comes from France, will help your Skin to feel young again. Directions: After cleansing, apply liberally to face & neck. Gently smooth into Skin. No moisturizer required. Use morning and night. What It’s For: Sagging Skin, wrinkles, lines around eyes and mouth, turkey neck, loss of elasticity.

For more information visit: Edimi


About the Institute for Skin Sciences

The Institute for Skin Sciences (ISS) is a thirty-five year old private Skin research facility based in the United States. Dr. Michael Tick, an internationally renowned research Scientist, whose life-long objective has been to bring good health and wellness to the people through the Skin, directs the Institute.

Originally, the ISS was created for the purpose of defining, diagnosing and treating Skin diseases. The ISS became aware, shortly into its ‘mission,’ that the Skin was much more than just the largest organ of the body. We noted that while both the medical and scientific communities had previously agreed that dealing with the Skin was a ‘one-way street’, our research proved otherwise. With this newfound knowledge, the ISS set out on a new course, and for the last twenty years, has been developing protocols using the Trans-Skin technology to promote health & wellness. It is this culmination of research that we bring to you today, Trans-Dermal Infusion Technology or TDI-38.

Marrying nature and science, Michael Todd True Organics created recipes that resulted in effective organically based skincare solutions for all skin types.  Whether your needs are to treat dry, blemished, aging, oily, sensitive, sun-damaged, pigmented or normal/combination skin, Michael Todd is committed to improving skin health by developing the highest quality of products and raising the bar once again in formulation and ingredient technology. 

“Mother Nature has given us superfoods that play double duty,” says Lewis Hendler, founder of Michael Todd True Organics.  “Consider the avocado as the overachiever of beauty superfoods. It's rich in protective antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which help keep skin plump and smooth.  Our Avocado Mango Mask unclogs pores, reduce bacteria, and nourish and heal on and below the skin’s surface. Our products represent a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits we use. The result is an unsurpassed skincare experience that enhances and protects the skin for years to come without the use of potentially harmful ingredients so common in many other brands.”

NEW! Pink Grapefruit Lotion: ($14.00) Just the right weight and texture, this luxuriously soothing and refreshing body moisturizing cream is lightly scented with pink grapefruit and instantly penetrates to restore, protect and soften even the driest skin. Apply after bath or shower or whenever you crave a sensuous hydrating experience.

Liposome Antioxidant Moisturizer: ($29.00) A soothing cream moisturizer made with organic ingredients and liposomes to transport antioxidants deep into the skin to restore and maintain healthy skin, counteract sun damage and fight premature skin aging and wrinkles.

Eye-O-Sonic Ultrasonic Ionic Serum Infuser: ($69.00) If you battle issues around the eyes, meet your new favorite skin care tool. The degree to which any serum or cream product works depends partly on the ability of the ingredients to get to the right place, which means it has to penetrate into the skin. That's where eye-o-sonic comes in. It combines ultrasonic waves at 160 oscillations per second plus ion technology to increase the absorption of eye creams and serums deeper into the skin where they can do the most good.

For more information visit Michael Todd True Organics

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