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Dr. Michael Schreiber Review - Modern-day Count Dracula – Los Angeles’s Best Expert in the Vampire “PRP” Facial

By Charlotte Pehnmore

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Vampires, in folklore, are said to be eternal …

And in our human quest for eternal youth and beauty …

Here comes the Vampire Facial …

I do not promise you will live forever

but I do promise you will look more youthful…

and in turn, perhaps, feel more eternal!


The term “Vampire Facial” was coined by it’s inventor, Dr. Charles Runnels of Atlanta, who first starting using PRP (platelet rich plasma) for aesthetic purposes.

And here in Los Angeles, the Beauty capitol of the world, DR. MICHAEL SCHREIBER has quickly positioned himself as one of the premier EXPERTS in the Vampire Facial & Face Lift.  (more about the Vampire Face Lift - part 2)

Dr. Michael Schrieber - Vampire Facial Expert. Photographs by Jacob Mann

There are Doctors and then there are Doctors – but once in a while you meet one that’s a Prince –Dr. Michael Schreiber – meet my very own Count Dracula! 

What makes Michael superior in this “blood sucking industry” is his bedside manner.  This aristocratic blue-blooded gentleman will take all the time to hear what concerns you about your face or whatever – a real doctor who honors the Hippocratic oath and seems to live by it - patient and paternal – you don’t get the feeling the meter is running – as you do in most of the fancy Beverly Hills offices.  Most IMPORTANTLY very little gets past Michael’s keen EYE – and his INJECTION skills are equally on par with the best of Plastic Surgeons.

Now that you know the best place to go …

What is this VAMPIRE FACIAL?

Crowds eagerly watching Dr. Schreiber perform the VAMPIRE FACIAL

Around 2010, Dr. Runnels created a revolutionary process, where by taking a person’s own blood and centrifugially splitting the red blood cells from the plasma.  The body’s natural healing and growth factors – called platelets, are then concentrated into a powerful mix known as PLATELET RICH PLASMA  (PRP).  Then, with a micro-needling pen, the patient’s OWN PRP is re-injected back into their face, neck, breasts, hair, hands, feet, and even bottoms - anywhere … it generates cellular rejuvenation. Even the penis (P Shot) and Vagina (O Shot) – but that’s a whole different story! 

Dr.Schreiber starts the process by applying numbing cream


Dr. Schreiber micro needles your blood (PRP) back into your face


The promise being that by injecting your PRP back into your body it forces your own body’s immune system to self-heal.  Just like when you hurt yourself.  So in this case by injecting your PRP, back into your face it stimulates your own body to activate more collagen – a first step in STEM CELL rejuvenation. 

A completely natural way to look the best you can, - without having to look like a plastic doll – and with most of the same benefits.  Dr. Schreiber adds NOTHING to your PRP for the Vampire Facial - ALL NATURAL – ALL YOU – it’s dream come true for people who eschew fillers.

A very happy and satisfied beauty!

Now the promise that your own body - will SELF-REJUVENATE – is VERY exciting!

Goodbye surgery and traditional FACE LIFTS!


There is no pain involved.  At first, you may feel a little flushed, or a little sunburned, perhaps you might feel like you’ve had a brush with a bush!  It just depends how deep you want the doctor to go.  IT’S YOU … YOUR BLOOD … AND YOUR OWN BODY"S REACTIONS!

But either way, trust me, it will leave you smiling …

You should generally see slight results almost immediately, but within 3-4 weeks, the time the body takes to generally heal, the results should be in full swing … only to keep improving for up to 18 months!


-      Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles – especially around the eyes and mouth (and the neck and  breasts – should you chose to have it done there.)

-      Reduction of acne and superficial scarring.

-      Evening of skin tone.

-      Facial features look more lifted – new blood flow to the skin, leaving a fresh rosy youthful glow.

Model 1 - before & after - photo by Dr. Michael Schreiber

Model 2 - before & after - photo by Dr. Michael Schreiber

Model 3 - before & after - photo by Dr. Michael Schreiber


Honestly – it’s addictive!  Once you start seeing the results you will want to do it again and again - everywhere!  What a great GIFT to give yourself– for Halloween – or Anytime!


Dr. Michael Schreiber’s prices are more than competitive:


FACE, NECK & DECOLLETE:  $ 1400.00


DR. MICHAEL SCHREIBER – has offices in:

Beverly Hills / West Hollywood:  (310) 801-4632

8217 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles,  CA 90048


Korea Town:

iONE Plastic Surgery:  (213) 384-3435

3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500,  Los Angeles,  CA 90010


Redondo Beach:

A. R. T. of Aesthetics:  (310) 374-2482

700 N. PCH, Suite 100, Los Angeles,  CA 90277



PART 2 – THE VAMIPE FACE LIFT – What’s the difference?


Published on Oct 31, 2016

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