Dr. Harold Lancer Review - The Deity of Dermatology

As I ride up the elevator to a penthouse suite on the famed Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills …

I walk through the doors … it’s like I’ve gone to heaven … I enter a brilliant white room … I see angels all in white fluttering around …I notice both men and women, waiting in purgatory … until they are lead through the purley gates …  and are then met by a handsome silver fox, with perfect ageless skin, I might add …      

He is the Deity of Dermatology – Dr. Harold Lancer.

Dr. Harold Lancer

Dr. Lancer, a medical graduate of the University of California, San Diego, then completed his Dermatology Residency at Harvard Medical School. He later completed a Plastic Surgery fellowship at the Tel HaShomer Hospital in Israel, followed by clinics in London at St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. He returned to Southern California and received his board certification indermatology in 1983 where he started his solo practice in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Lancer, is a real doctor, who can solve any skin care problem whether it be erasing a scar, acne, rosacea, viitiligo, whatever … I don’t’ know all the medical terms but I do know HE can fix it!

It’s not a surprise then that anyone who wants to be beautiful and stay beautiful bows to this man.  The list is endless … Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Denise Richards, to name a few.  Not only do movie stars flock here but also their agents and producers – in Hollywood, they need to look good too!  Apparently, even Victoria Beckham tweets about his products!

Dr. Lancer can make you look years YOUNGER

His book YOUNGER was published in February 2014 and is filled with pearls of wisdom ...

Photographs by Kaylan Clark @ edit.Photography www.edit.zenfolio.com

His clients fly from all over the world to receive his unique treatments. After years of research and witnessing first hand what worked and what did not, Dr. Lancer developed his own line of exclusive products to help people with every type and color of skin achieve a radiant glow and confidence in their own skin.

Harold Lancer does not believe in invasive procedures or uncomfortable peels and scrubs, in fact Dr. Lancer says that in 5 years there will be no need for facelifts and it will all be done via stem cells – so hold off, if you are thinking of going under the knife.  But what he does vehemently believe is … that beautiful skin starts with home skin care and your own “method of devotion”, as he calls it.  So he was inspired to develop The Lancer Skincare product line, designed to deliver rapid visible differences.

For more information about Lancer Skincare products go to the Lancer Skincare website

Dr. Harold Lancer feels that his ultimate success comes when his patients tell him that their friends are asking them why they look so good - so radiant.  And as a dermatologist this is the pinnacle of success!

Deity of Dermatology – Dr. Harold Lancer.

Then he said “Let there be light … Oxylight” !

Coming soon - part 2 – all about the Oxylight facial and his “facial magician” – a luminous woman named RPK.

Your Facial Magician - RPK

For more information go to the Dr. Lancer's website


Your trusted girlfriend,

Charlotte Pehnmore

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