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Botox, one of those treatments that can be loved just as easily as it can be misunderstood. Some people love, others might be apprehensive and a few might just be misinformed. Whether you use it or not, there really is nothing negative to go along with Botox, if you have it done by the right person. The right person in Southern California it turns out is Dr. Dhir in Beverly Hills and if he doesn't put your mind at ease and make the experience one you won't regret, no one will.

Southern California might be considered the vanity capital of the world and with that comes a never-ending competition to look younger and better than everyone else. Like it or not, it is a fact of life here. But when it comes down to it, if you had the option to knock a few years off of your face wouldn't you do it? Of course. The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up is look in the mirror, the world in part judges you by your appearance, there is no way around it and while there are plenty of advancements when it comes to procedures to improve ones looks, we still haven't found the fountain of youth. Dr. Dhir is the closest thing to that mythical water.

Dr. Dhir limits his practice to facial plastic surgery procedures, thereby allowing you to benefit from his expertise in that area, as opposed to trying to cover an assortment of areas of the body and maybe not being such an expert in every area. Dr. Dhir goes far beyond Botox, he does; rhinoplasty nose jobs, cheek implants, chin implants, facelifts and cancer reconstruction. He walked us through the typical procedures that most people would look to have performed based on age.

Dr. Dhir

"It really depends on the age group, desire and goals. 18 to 24 year olds are mostly noses so they aren't judged based on their high school appearance as they get ready for college. Anyone younger than 18 it is usually dealing with trauma," Dr. Dhir said. "30 to 40 year olds you start with Botox and  fillers, Botox helps with fine wrinkles, it makes them look refreshed, fillers add volume helps you look a little more youthful and ulthera skin tightening laser as people are still trying to stay away from surgery at this point. 40 to 50 years of age again with fillers, machinery and finally the 50's, you finally talk about facelifts and neckline."

All the non-surgical procedures are done right in the office, while surgery is done in the same building in the surgery center on the 11th floor, a private operating room. Patients feel comfortable, they know the staff will be there when they wake up, it makes them feel comfortable.

The actual Botox experience, well I can't speak for other places that provide Botox, but with Dr. Dhir you can sum up the experience as; quick, almost painless and stress free. Once you get yourself in the chair, the office staff throws on some music of your choice to put you in a nice calm and relaxed state, the area to be treated is covered with a numbing cream. Simply rubbed on in this case the forehead and very quickly it takes effect. Dr. Dhir then begins with his Botox magic, needles that are about as small as you will ever see so can imagine that they are going to have minimal impact on you in terms of pain. Most of the Botox injections I felt nothing and the ones that I did, well imagine something a little less than a bee sting or not quite getting your finger pricked to have your blood drawn. The pain level on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 1, maybe if you really are sensitive a 2, but it comes and goes so quickly that you won't remember it after a few seconds. A little bit of time with an ice pack and you are done. Dr. Dhir warned of possible bruising, but I had none. With the knowledge of where to apply the Botox and a deft hand, I'm sure that cuts down the chances of bruising by a great amount. The office staff also follows up with you with you within a few days to make sure everything is fine.

Erasing Wrinkles

While Botox has become known for its ability to eliminate wrinkles, lines, crow's feet and just generally make you look younger, the original use was to eliminate the eye twitching problem that some people suffered from. It has grown in terms of medical uses as well; people who have neck pain inject it into the muscle, it can assist people who have a hard time starting urination. What it does is it stops the nerve from firing. In my case it was for something entirely different, perspiration. Sweating at inopportune times from my forehead. According to Dr. Dhir Botox is generally done in the armpit to prevent sweating from that area, but a lot fewer people have tried to stop sweating from their forehead. I'll say two weeks in thanks to the time Dr. Dhir took to completely understand my issue and his carefully placed Botox treatment, those unwarranted sweat drops no longer exist. The side effect that Dr. Dhir warned me about was "beauty and looking younger." Well I certainly will say the looking younger in my case came to fruition.

"If done correctly you should not have that frozen look, you should not notice it is Botox, you should just look refreshed," Dr. Dhir said. "It's not just a treatment, there is an art to it. But if you aren't happy it's not life threatening and it will go away in three months."

While it is not tough to find a place to get Botox done, the approach taken by any drive-up Botox center and Dr. Dhir is simply night and day. The resume of Dr. Dhir shows he's qualified to handle any of your needs and in addition he sticks to facial procedures so if that is what you are looking for, that is where his expertise lies. Dr. Dhir is a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, trained at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, completing a five-year surgical residency. Then he continued his training with renowned surgeons learning everything you can imagine when it comes to facial procedures. Since making his way to warmer pastures in Beverly Hills, Dr. Dhir continues to be at the forefront of facial plastic surgery as he works with FDA clinical research trials, he publishes papers and lectures on the subject and while still learning he also shares his expertise by teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA - Harbor.

Dr. Dhir commented that beauty and aging are really big topics, we have people striving for that type of perfection. It is the consult where Dr. Dhir gets to know you and you get to know him. Beyond his high qualifications, he gets to know you and what you are truly looking for beyond a procedure. While you might not meet Dr. Dhir bedside, his bedside manner sets him apart from others. In what can be construed as the superficial world of plastic surgery, Dr. Dhir has this honest and caring quality that can't be faked. If he steers you in a direction, you can feel secure that it is the direction you should be going.

Your face more than anything else is the first thing people notice, it is the one thing that is nearly impossible to hide from gazing eyes. All the more reason that if you are considering any procedure, you want to make sure that you are putting  your face in capable and trustworthy hands. Yes, the resume is impeccable but what you will find from Dr. Dhir after one meeting that he will leave you feeling 100% confident that his hands are the ones that you can trust your face with.

Procedures that Dr. Dhir performs include:

Rhinoplasty - specializing in better breathing functionality and sinus surgical treatment 

Sinus Surgery

Rhytidectomy - natural face lifts

Custom Jaw Implants

Cheek and Chin Implants

Botox and Fillers

For more information contact Dr. Dhir’s office at: (310) 579-2051 or visit: Dr. Dhir

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