Donnas Beauty Tips on cold sores

It is important to keep the skin clear for many reasons but especially for me as a personality in the entertainment industry, it was always essential that I have flawless looking skin however this is not always possible especially when it comes to cold sores.

One of the most annoying things on the planet is a cold sore eruption. I have experienced these pesky ugly sores since I can remember. I often struggled to keep them at bay. If you ask anyone who get them they will tell you that they are hard to cover with make-up which may even make them look worse when piled on. Additionally, cold sores carry around a bad stigma.

I was always embarrassed by my breakouts and worse it always seemed like they'd come when I was stressed out or before a period or anticipation of an important event adding insult to injury. 

As a result, I’ve tried everything available and found that my favorite and most effective discovery is a product called Dynamiclear antiviral that I want to share with you.

When I first tried it I was skeptical and only got a one dose application. Much to my surprise it worked better than anything I had tried in the past! I then went back and ordered a whole bottle with 100 applications to have on hand for any future cold sore breakouts.

I apply this product when I feel a tingle.

The product direction says it works best when the blister is there. It is true when the sore has fluid it works best but I use it both ways.

I find that the healing time is much shorter with this product than with others I've tried in the past.  In addition, the breakouts seem less severe and easier to camouflage when using this produce.

The only place I have seen it is on the internet

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