Donna's Beauty Tips for Long Sexy Lashes

There is nothing better than a full set of eyelashes to enhance the beauty of the face. 

Fortunately there are many choices when trying to achieve this look.  First if you already have a thick full set of lashes you can enhance them by using mascara.  There are many great brands that create a nice result. I have had nice results with Double Extend mascara from L’Oreal, EYES TO KILL GORGIO ARMANI and GROW LUDCIOUS PLUMPING form REVLON. There are however many more effective brands to choose from, the key is to experiment with the various brands and types to see what works best for your personal preferences.

Donna Spanglers eyes

Many people love the look of false eyelashes for a more dramatic style. This can be great but they typically only last one to three days with care. The nice thing about them is that there is an ability to choose how long, short or thick of a lash you want.  Additionally, they come in theatrical colors for various occasions that may call for a more colorful presentation.

I have also seen nice results with long growing lashes from products like LATISE, that can be used to make your lashes grow longer, however the product has to be put on daily to maintain the long lashes, and since it is considered to be a prescription product it needs to be purchased from doctors that carry it.

My favorite lash discovery so far has been lash extensions which have been a great alternative for me.  I first discovered these beauty enhancing attractors from a friend who came to my house with the most beautiful set of lashes I’d ever scene. I learned that lash extensions typically last 3 weeks to a month with minimal maintenance.

I was a bit unsure when I first learned about this technique but decided to try the lash extensions for myself. When I went in for my first time I was put in a comfortable room similar to a massage room and got to lie on a bed where soft music played in a relaxing environment. The magic happened in about one hour and 20 minutes.  I closed my eyes as my lash practioner put on my extensions as I fell asleep. There was no discomfort whatsoever.  When I woke up she gave me the mirror and I had beautiful sexy lashes. I was given a paper with instructions as to how to take care of my new lashes and told to come in for regular monthly maintenance which she expressed would take a much shorter period of time than the initial visit.  The lashes are like my own but more dramatic. They are attached to the natural lashes with special glue.  I found the lashes look very natural, but are dramatic and sexy at the same time. I still get compliments on a daily basis which makes me really happy. I wake up in the morning with beautiful lashes and do not need mascara to look good. I feel good because I don’t have to fuss around with much extra makeup.  I love them!

-Donna Spangler



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