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Donna’s Beauty Tip on Peppermint Bath

By Donna Spangler

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A great way to look your best is to be relaxed and feel rested. One way to achieve this is to bask in a luxurious peppermint bath.  I find my peppermint beauty bath not only feels amazing but it also sooths and relaxes both the body and mind.  Additionally, if you are congested or have a cold, this sensational bath can help you breath better as peppermint is said to help with congestion.

First, I draw the bath water to the warmest that I can stand. Then, I add six or seven peppermint tea bags and let them soak till the water becomes a big tea bath. I let the water absorb the tea which usually makes the water turn green depending on the type of tea bags you use. When it is green then you know it is ready.  You can use whatever type of peppermint tea you like.

  I also add a few drops of peppermint extract for an added bonus and extra aroma. 

  Before you dip in this luxurious treat, test the water to make sure it is not too hot.  If it is too hot for you, give it a few minutes to cool down a bit which will give your tea bags time to steep even more.

Then, get in the tub and soak till all the stress is gone. It's yummy!

For more information go to www.Donnasbeauty.com


Published on Aug 20, 2012

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