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As a personality in the entertainment industry I must always make sure that I look my personal best ,however because I am human, I have issues that need to be dealt with, like an occasional breakout. When you want to look good, it is essential that your skin looks good. Unfortunately, most of us  are confronted with a breakout now and then and usually at the most in opportune times in our life as before a special event or big occasion.  I have experienced this all too many times. 

 One solution is to blast the problem area with a product that is called bye bye blemish drying lotion.

bye bye blemish

  I have tried this product personally and love it for the occasional breakout.  This is an inexpensive fix that can be purchased in most drug stores. I find it very effective especially if it is applied the night before.

The key is not to shake up the solution but to dip the Q tip to the bottom of the solution where the sediment is and apply it directly on the problem area.

If done the night before I encourage you to glob it on all the areas that need treatment.

It is important to allow it to dry and sleep with it if you can the night before.  In the morning take it off. 

If you do not have it the night before then it is also possible to put on a very light application on the breakout. Dab it on, then let it dry.  Apply your makeup over it blending it till you can’t see the medication.   The slightly teinted medicine should blend in.  Only do this when you don't have time the night before.

Overall this is a great emergency fix for breakouts. 

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