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By Donna Spangler

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The Epione Cleartouch is one of my favorite cleansing systems. The device comes equipped with four different heads that each serves a different purpose, including: a face sponge, a pumice head, a small brush, and a large brush. The different functions allow me to focus on different parts of my body. I often use the pumice head on my feet. Since it is an abrasive, it removes the dead skin, leaving my feet feeling smooth all over. This device has really helped to balance my skin tone while reducing blemishes.  Summertime is especially sensitive on your skin because it requires a delicate balance between regularly exfoliating while preserving moisture to prevent breakouts. I have found myself regularly exfoliating with the brush this summer. Exfoliating cleanses the skin and allows for an even application of self-tanner. However, it is important to not go overboard with exfoliation because it often leaves the skin very sensitive to the sun. Remember to always apply a layer of moisturizer and sunscreen before leaving the house.




For more information please tweet at Donna on Twitter where you'll also find a video of me using the Epione Cleartouch!

Published on Sep 10, 2013

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