Claudia Jordan – Beauty and Business Savvy

Golden skin, seductive eyes and a heartwarming smile is initially noticed when meeting Actress/ Model Claudia Jordan. We went on the set of the new infomercial Claudia is co-hosting with Hollyscoop's Stephanie Bauer, for a brand called Hairfinity. Hairfinity is a popular hair vitamin on the market, that’s delivered amazing results for woman around the country, helping promote rapid hair growth, and improving their overall hair health.

Claudia Jordan

Jordan beamed on set with a genuine interest in the personal stories that each woman shared about their experience with the product. We had the opportunity to chat with Claudia in between taping to discuss her career.

Product Testimonials with Celebrity Stylist

Discussing Her Transformation

Host Stephanie Bauer, Claudia Jordan and Celebrity Stylist

Despite being the second African- American to hold the Miss Rhode Island USA title, Jordan is certainly more than a pretty face. In 2009 Jordan appeared on the popular show “Celebrity Apprentice” to raise money for a charity of her choice. Despite being fired, Jordan exposed her kind heart and business sensibility for an organization that she believes in. In a surprising twist, Jordan has been invited back to the boardroom for "Celebrity Apprentice All-stars.” Smiling Jordan proclaims, “I’m excited to return back, I’m passionate about contributions to charity and I have a better understanding of how the process works.” 

Happy Hairfinity Users

Hairfinity Helps Maintain Healthy Hair


While on set, I spoke with the Producer and Director of the infomercial, Poprah (Renowned for appearing on two seasons of the hit show “I Want to Work for Diddy” on Vh1). "I really love working with Claudia,” Poprah says, “When I was requested to produce this project, I knew it was important to cast someone who would not only represent the brand well, since she does use the product and loves it too, but someone who is both beautiful, and articulate as well and that's Claudia!

Stephanie Bauer and Claudia Jordan

 Not only is Claudia appearing on Celebrity Apprentice All-stars, but she has also been selected as the lead spokes model for a new health, fitness, and beauty brand called, CELEB. She will be promoting a new line of energy drinks, nutritional supplements, fitness gear, and beauty products.

Stay tuned for Claudia’s latest endeavors! Season 13 of the "Celebrity Apprentice" begins taping Monday, October 15th. The show is slated to air in March.


Photography by: Adrien Delstanche




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