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If you're like me or most women in the world today, then skincare is an important part of your daily routine. I have tried several scrubs, exfoliators, brushes and homemade elixirs to banish the dry, flaky, dull skin that has plagued me since my teenage years. I heard about the Clarisonic a few years ago but was immediately turned off by the price (over $200 for the Plus). I tried to find a substitute that would clean as well as the pricy over-grown toothbrush head. I came across the DDF exfoliating brush for half the price. This mechanism was marketed as an exfoliator with results equivalent to microdermabrasion. I jumped at the chance to have spa grade results in my own bathroom. Needless to say, I was let down. Countless sugar, salt, apricot and any other abrasive edible ingredient you can think of scrubs later I admitted defeat. While shopping in my beloved Sephora, 15% off coupon in hand, I came across the wall display of every size, color and shape Clarisonic in existence. With no new exfoliators left un-tried I reached for a shiny box, the largest one of course. After all, if I was going to spend hundreds on a face brush I wanted to be able to scrub my neck and toes and everything else in between (the Plus model comes with a large body brush).

I'm incredibly inpatient so instead of waiting the full 24 hours for the brush to charge, I ran to my sink with it when the first of four lights finally lit up. The vibrating, tingling sensation was slightly awkward but felt refreshing. After a full minute of scrubbing each zone of my face meticulously, I was very pleased. It was a big difference from my DDF brush. My face was bright and clean! My skin sucked up my moisturizer better than ever before. The next day at work I couldn't keep my hands off my face, it was so smooth and silky. All this after one use! I was hooked and looked forward to washing my face each day like I was getting paid for it!

Clarisonic Plus

After a week I felt brave enough to try the next of the three speeds (the Sephora clerk told me to try it on low for a week until I got used to it). I figured my results would only get better with faster ocilation. One click of the speed button and..... nothing! Not a beep, not a change in rotation speed, nothing. I pulled my booklet out again to read the somewhat vague instructions to make sure I was doing it correctly. Still nothing happened. I contacted Clarisonic's customer service, again in hopes that maybe I wasn't making sense of the only 4 sentences worth of directions included in the box. Their service department immediately identified that my product was defective and "rushed" me a replacement. I was happy that there was no hassle. My only qualm was that I paid an extra $10 for the orange paisley design (go big or go home, remember!) only to find out that they were out of all limited edition colors and so I opted for the opposing muted lavender, blah. Three weeks later my replacement finally arrived. No one bothered to tell me that the color I chose was on backorder, I would have chosen any of the other ones had I known this.

Having more patience this time around, I waited the full 24 hours for the Clarisonic to charge, after all, I still had my original Plus to use on low speed so I was in no rush. The next day I plotted my brush head on the new model. I instantly noticed a big difference. I could actually see the bristles vibrating! Umm, this was not the case with the one I had been using. I kicked it up a speed and then another. The sonic rotation captivated me visually. It wasn't until I put the thing on my face that I was really blown away, and almost literally! The rotation was strong and intense. It was then that I realized my original Clarisonic not only did not change speed, it barely functioned.

Clarisonic Plus

One week later and I am still happy. The body mode works great and I'm looking forward to getting the extension handle. I don't think I will need to use the high or medium speed on my face.... ever. The effect is pretty intense on low and I do not have sensitive skin.

All in all, I would say this was a great buy, especially if you purchase from Sephora and get a package with other bonus products that Sephora offers that Clarisonic does not offer on their website. Beware, charge your unit for the full 24 hours before the first use. I'm not sure if this is what caused the issue I had or if the product truly was defective, but with Clarisonic's customer service and Sephora's return policy you can't go wrong. Time now for my nightly facial, happy cleansing...!

Clarisonic Plus Sonic Cleansing Sun Solutions Kit

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