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My whole life I have searched for the Holy Grail of hair products.  I would scour the drugstore shelves for a magic potion.  I would spend $57 on a product that my crazy, thick, wild hair would devour in one shower.  My hair eats conditioner and still manages to punch out a villainous curl. 


New York city in the Summer is a Sweaty Jungle of Humidity.  Muggy, 90 degree days and my hair is doing aerobics by itself.  Kink one, curl two, fighting the frizz is an urban nightmare. 


Lori Peters Before Supersilk

Downtown in Soho I started my Summer romance with Supersilk™ hair system.  Brocato Salon appeared like a cool drink of water in the hot desert sun. There I met

Sam Brocato, Hair Stylist, genius, formulator and founder of Brocato Hair Care.

He developed Brocato Supersilk™ the  system that transformed my frizzy, unmanageable locks into sleek, shiny resilient hair in its most optimal, healthy condition.


Lori Peters After Supersilk

Sam Brocato is a fabulous hair Stylist and a great human being.  He told me how Keratin with its harsh formaldehyde led to his brother’s cancer.  His brother was also a hairdresser and had been exposed to the Keratin for too long.

Sam Brocato Hair Stylist


Sam was determined to invent a better way to straighten hair.  So he designed Supersilk™ It doesn’t just coat your hair, but permeates the hair shaft and rebuilds the structure of your hair.  No matter If your hair has been beat up by bleach or just dry and out of control, Brocato Supersilk™ straightening treatment will restore life and loveliness to your hungry locks.  Sam tests his products on his own curly hair first.


I once got a Japanese straightening treatment that made my hair break off.  A woman behind me in a line in a store came up to me and said, “What happened to your hair?” and that’s how I found out 4 inches of the top back of my hair was broken off.


Sam Brocato created a whole line of  Supersilk™ products to lengthen the life of your treatment. The shampoo and conditioner make your Supersilk™ treatment last longer and you achieve greater results. All the products add moisture and silky smoothness and keep your hair healthy, shiny and manageable.


Supersilk Products


I was drawn to the Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, that Sam Brocato Developed.   No longer do you have to burn your hair pulling a hot iron through it.  With his new flat iron it glides through your hair and cuts straightening time in half.

 Jennifer Anniston would be jealous of this fabulous tool.


Vibrastraight Flat Iron

When I had Keratin treatment if I put my hair behind my ears or used a simple barrette my hair was ruined.  However Sam did my Supersilk™ treatment and my straight hair lasted for a week before I washed it out.  The longer you leave it in your hair the better your results


Panorama Brocato Salon

I was concerned once I did my hair myself it would be a mess, but with the Supersilk™ Shampoo and leave in conditioner I woke up with a gorgeous wavy style.  I was so amazed and impressed I had to share it with the world.


My mangled mane is gone.  No longer do I have to go through summer with a big fuzzy ponytail.  I can have fabulous hair and no frizz instead.


When you do Keratin treatment you can spend  $400 and after a few drops of chlorine, you’re back in the frizz game.  So enjoy your summer and your great hair with Supersilk™







Sam Brocato, formulator and founder of Brocato Hair Care, developed Supersilk™ Brocato Supersilk™ transforms frizzy, unmanageable locks into sleek, resilient hair in its most optimal, healthy condition.


Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo

From frizzy and flyaway to coarse and curly hair, Brocato’s Supersilk™ multi-tasking formula is 100% formaldehyde-free and tames frizz, smoothes curls, reduces out-of-control volume, repairs damage, improves manageability and decreases drying time. The Supersilk Effect lasts for up to 12 weeks, providing ease and versatility in styling hair at home with a variety of styling options: Air dry for soft, natural texture; Blow dry for body and waves; Curl to create shape; Or, flat iron for a sleek, straight look. No in-salon consultation is required, because Supersilk™ is safe and effective for hair in any condition; even bleached, colored, under-nourished, over-styled — Brocato Supersilk™ performs beautifully.

Sam Brocato Hair Stylist

Featuring the NANO SILK COMPLEX, Supersilk™ has protective, restorative properties that smooth and control hair to leave it exceptionally silky, sleek and strong and is performance-proven to be, not only safer, but stronger and more durable than keratin formulas. Brocato’s Supersilk™ NANO SILK COMPLEX key ingredient, Sericin, is the protein produced by the silkworm as it emerges from the cocoon as butterfly and has exceptional hair shaft adhesive qualities.



Brocato says, “From the moment formaldehyde-based systems were presented to me, I made the decision not to use them. My passion for finding a safe, effective solution for texture management became my obsession, and Supersilk™ is the exciting result. A versatile smooth-to-straight solution that leaves hair in better condition than before, Supersilk™ is based on a sophisticated mix of science and nature. This safe and sustainable system unlocks the secrets to smooth, sleek hair.”


The Brocato Supersilk™ System is available in salons worldwide. At Sam Brocato Salon, NYC, the 2-hour Supersilk™ service ranges from $350 to $450 and includes take home Supersilk™ Pure Indulgence™ Shampoo and Leave-in Treatment to maintain the Supersilk Effect.


For more information on Brocato Supersilk go to


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