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Tucked away in a quiet alcove in the heart of bustling downtown Charlotte is the delightful BEAUTY BY NATALIE RED. Natalie Rednour is a stylist providing hair styling, color correction and even her makeup expertise.  What impressed me about Natalie is her down to earth, practical demeanour that  lends a sense of reassurance.


She also has an eye for the cutting edge hair technologies that are available. She has actively travelled to Hair & Beauty conventions In Las Vegas to research the latest and greatest in the hair scene.




One of the products that she uses that has taken the world of hairdressing by storm is a hair repair treatment called Olaplex. Olaplex is used during color services to dramatically reduce breakage with every hair color transformation. Truly a windfall to the client who loves experimenting with a multitude of color! A wild display of rainbow- colored curls may just be on the horizon if that so delights you.




And so I walked into Tribe Salon where Beauty by Natalie Red is based, looking forward to a fresh new look.

Tribe Salon makes for an ideal location in busy Charlotte where parking is usually a factor to consider. The salon is located within a building that has it’s own parking lot where parking is provided free of charge. This alone is a great plus point to any city dweller that battles with traffic and parking regularly.



The salon itself is spacious, trendy and has a contemporary ambience about it. Well- designed, it sits with modern fixtures set against brick walls, refreshingly high ceilings and rustic wooden tables that open up to large, clear windows overlooking it’s exterior. A great layout, especially if you’re spending hours getting your hair done.


Dramatic color transformations - Photo credit Natalie Rednour



Back to my hair and the reason why I made the visit to Natalie! Unfortunately my hair was in a terrible state with an extreme color change that I had recently subjected it to. The end result being, a rather harsh and ‘accidental’ ombre that needed repair right away!


Blonde Silver tones for budding SuperHeroes! - Photo credit Natalie Rednour


I told Natalie of my hair predicament and we discussed possibilities. We came up with the following solution - adding a few highlights to the crown as well as a dark brown glaze mixed with Olaplex over the entire head to complete it. A ‘hair strategy’ that would bring consistency to the entire look.



If the term OLAPLEX is new to you, this service is a must have for anyone who experiments with hair color. The compelling statement released by Olaplex declares, " Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. From the photo shoot to the salon chair, colorists are set free from the fear of damaged hair."



Experimenting with hair color without hair damage ? The promise of lighter locks and exotic new looks without the frizz sounded pretty good to me!




Natalie's warm engaging personality made the time fly faster, as she shared her hair journey as well as details of her life. I told her of some of my upcoming travels as her quick fingers deftly applied perfectly positioned new highlights. As I sipped on my tea, the time just flew by and before I knew it, it was time for the final rinse! She then sealed my hair with the Olaplex treatment for 15 minutes. Finally my new crown was ready for it's reveal.

Looking at the final result, I was so pleased that Natalie had achieved the color consistency in my hair that I was looking for.



She was patient. She took the time to hear my concerns and list to what I needed before suggesting an option that she felt would work best. This was probably one of the most important aspects of my visit, I was on the search for a stylist who would cater to what I was asking for.



How many times have you gone to a hairdresser who bypassed much of what you asked for in favour of what they feel is best ? Personally, this has happened quite often! Natalie's willingness to listen and work with me,  was much appreciated. Her young age defies the maturity and level-headedness that she exhibits.



Above all ... she delivered!

I wanted a conservative, streamlined look to draw consistency through my hair . I asked for minimal damage from additional highlights and a treatment that would assist my terribly, damaged hair. I needed the Hair Ambulance for the state my hair was in. 

And I got what I wanted on all counts. Here's to heaving a big sigh of relief!



The ghastly, orange tinge in my hair was finally dealt with! And the subtle highlights that were added eased the harsh line of demarcation that previously lined my ombre hair.

Though Natalie has a flair and expertise for dramatic looks, she's also able to deliver a more conservative, subtle look. This is what I was asking for. The flexibility to adapt to each request coupled with an eye for the customer's vision makes for a great hairdresser.



I left TRIBE Salon feeling delighted with my renewed hair! Goodbye ombre and hello refreshed, streamlined locks. Just what I ordered :)



Natalie Rednour is a fresh, creative hair stylist of 3 years. But don't let her new stylist status fool you. She has been active in the hair and fashion community since 2010. After receiving her degree in Fashion marketing,  she has worked in local events such as Fashion's Night out, Passport to Fashion and Charlotte International Fashion week.



She received the elite honor of winning the 2014 PBA Beacon Student program.

A program that selects only 300 individuals in the united states to be surrounded by hair elites such as Sam Burns, Eden Sassoon, and Nicholas French to name a few. She also graduated with honors in creative design from the Aveda Institute.

You can find Natalie on social media sites such as Facebook, where she shares her latest styles and techniques.


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