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Beauty and Feminine Qualities

By Donna Spangler

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“Women of the world: our femininity will always be their weakness.” - Unknown

Beauty Starts on the INSIDE Photo by Glen lipton

In todays' society women play many different roles and more often than in the past, women are in roles that in the not so distant past, have been dominated solely by men. Some women think that they must sacrifice their femininity because of it. I do not think that a trade off is needed in today's society. Women should embrace their feminine qualities as a strength.

It is my opinion, that a female looks her best when she plays up her feminine style. This is not to say that you can’t wear a tank top and jeans and look feminine. What I mean is that there is a special attractiveness when femininity is emphasized. Femininity is a presence; it’s about the way you carry and present yourself to the world. Posture, elegance, class, grace … all go hand-in-hand to MAXIMIZE YOUR femininity.

Embrace your femininity, as this is very attractive and if used correctly it is a lethal weapon that can bring any man to his knees. It is a look, an attitude, as well as, a right of passage for any grown woman.

How do you display your feminity, you ask? Well, I believe, that it is best to try and make yourself look as soft as possible, when trying to achieve the feminine look. Try not to use dark lipsticks, go with something lighter.I personally believe that soft pink is a very attractive shade on a woman but if you don't like pink find a shade that works for you.

Looks - It is possible to be feminine and progressive. Opt for hair styles that are not too short especially in the front. Unless you have an absolutely flawless face it is hard to pull off really short styles. Often if a person looks good with really short hair, they will look stunning with longer hair. Your hair styles can change from straight to curled, just make sure it flatters your face. Don't be afraid to try new styles, but trust your instincts, choose something that looks best on YOU. If you wear your hair curly make sure there is no frizz. Frizzy hair always makes your hair look dry and often times unkept. Nails, ladies, ladies ladies please know that no man wants a woman with dirty fingers. Keep your nails nice and tidy, you don't have to wear nail polish or acrylics but a little trim and buff never hurt anyone.

Carriage – The way someone walks reveals a lot about them. A feminine image will be achieved by a confident stride, by standing erect and strolling lightly. DON'T walk like an elephant, glide like a beautiful swan. Contrary to popular belief men still like women who care about their appearance.

Making yourself appear feminine - Femininity is always important in a woman's attractiveness. Women are almost always more appealing as soft, sweet and delicate creatures. It doesn't mean we have to be helpless or weak, just smoother around the edges. Embrace your femininity as this is very attractive. It is a look as well as a demeanor.

In terms of a feminine demeanor, this is achieved by staying away from impolite behavior. Loud noises such as burps, farts, and other loud noises should be done in private. Be a LADY, cross you legs slightly at your ankles when you sit down, don't just plop down into the chair, say excuse me when you sneeze or walk past someone. It is important to carry yourself with grace to achieve an irresitable feminine flair. If you are in a work environment you can always be polite and if a problem arises just be firm, never bitchy.Be assertive but not rude. Nobody likes a woman with a BAD attitude, keep that at home. SMILE! A smile goes a long way in terms of social graces. A smile will also make you come off as more attractive.

Dresses are feminine but a nice blouse with a colorful scarf or some other accessory will add to the femininity of your look. This can even be achieved by wearing a nice pair of black or blue jeans and high or mid level heel. I personally love pearl studs as they are often understated but regal and extremely feminine.

Pearls can Always make Bring out a Woman's Softer Side Photo by Glen Lipton

I met a man once who said if a woman takes care of their appearance then I know that I can trust them to take care of our household. Remember that it's about the WHOLE package. Be the BEST you, you can be. Always strive to evolve and grow.The bottom line with femininity is that always think softer, mild and subtle and not brash, harsh or brusque.

Now Go out there and show the world that Femininity is alive and well. Like Beyonce said "Who run the world GIRLS."

Published on Jun 04, 2015

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