Beauty Achieved Inside & Out at Damone Roberts Salon Beverly Hills with Lashelle Ullie

Imagine an oasis of beauty and light. Enter the serene and ever-so-friendly ambiance of the  Damone Roberts Salon Beverly Hills.  Intimidated by the best salon with praises adorning the walls inscribed by well known celebrities this side of the West Coast, and New York?  

Well, stroll on down to your favorite cozy chair and Lashelle Ullie will immediately disarm you with his charming (albeit sexy, okay there I said it!) persona and personality that lights up any room.  You’ll feel like you’re visiting a good friend.  Oh and he also transforms you to beautiful at the same time.  But wait, there’s more... you leave looking and feeling like a goddess besides?  Follow the yellow brick road to Damone Roberts Salon…”because of the wonderful things he does”...sing with me..everybody!

I always say there’s nothing like meeting someone who has a passion for their work and I believe a good measure of success is if one can support themselves and pursue their passions simultaneously.   How refreshing and wonderful to see this so exemplified in the artistry and beauty Lashelle Ullie creates in others.   Originally from “The Garden State” (New Jersey folks...forgot they still call it that didn’t you?) Lashelle said he knew he was in the right place from the minute he stepped off the plane here in “Sunny Cal.”  As a world class professional Eyebrow Threader and Make-Up Artist, Lashelle said he’s always had a love of life and people, and says he looks at life differently and if anyone ever asks him what he loves about LA, he’ll tell you that “It really allowed me to see who I was here, and I was re-introduced to the light and love that’s all around me.”


The Art of Threading is an age old tradition that originated thousands of years ago somewhere in the Middle East or South Asia and known to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Persia, and India.   Threading continues to be a safe, natural, and effective method of hair removal because there are no harmful chemicals to worry about and unlike waxing, threading doesn’t irritate the skin.  This “Master Craftsman” and “Angel of Artistry” will transform your brows into an "arch de triomphe" in minutes!

Lashelle works with cosmetics of the highest caliber such as Christian Dior, MAC, YSL, Lancôme and Bobbi Brown, along with that precious gift he shares with us for bringing out the best in all whom he meets; both physically and inspirationally.    He also is passionate about red lipstick and is the bold creator of  “Rock That Red” along with Nina G.  “Rock That Red” is an empowering movement to inspire women to stand out and stand up for what they believe in as well as overcome adversities through wearing red lipstick.  Lashelle says “It’s one color that you either run to, or shy away from.  And it’s the most liberating color besides.”  Shy as I am, I asked the burning (red) question, “But do all women look good in red lipstick?”  Lashelle confidentially counters,  “Red is the one color that has shades for everyone, and everyone can find their shade.”  He’s releasing a “Rock That Red” video next month also and believes “We have so many women with so many stories; such as women overcoming cancer, brain trauma and other challenges that affect us.”


Lashelle also holds make-up classes to educate women featuring Bobbi Brown cosmetics which he feels covers the widest range of foundation so women can learn how to do their own makeup at home.  Previously more difficult for women of color; such as African American, Hispanic and Indian, Lashelle shows us all how to best complement and match all complections.   Lashelle feels you don’t need to use makeup to camouflage who you are, that beauty is from the inside out, and he enjoys teaching women to discover what they can achieve through his classes.  He recommends that each bring their own make-up to allow him to show them the best techniques depending on what each desires to achieve.


Between working to make other’s lives beautiful, Lashelle’s latest movie where he worked as Make-Up artist is entitled “Paper Boat” soon to be released this year in December, and he’s currently planning a trip to France this time next year.  


Lashelle says he really sees himself as a “true beauty consultant helping women find their inner confidence.”  I couldn’t agree more!  I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!





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