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Be Well Expo

By Donna Spangler

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The beauty industry is a huge industry with many new products being developed on a regular basis.

hair display expo

Many of these new products are presented at conventions. The Be Well Beauty Expo convention took place downtown Los Angeles at the convention center on Sept 28 & 29. http://www.bewell-expo.com/ It also included six prominent high profile keynote speakers to educate consumers about the beauty industry.


It was the first annual convention and was host to everything health including nutrition and beauty, makeup , nail polishes, temporary glitter tattoos , creams, lotions ,masks, Anti-wrinkle devices and demonstrations and hair items. It was quite a treat. There were also other health orientated products such as a green tea concentrate, and discovered that the concentrate had no sugar but tasted wonderfully. It came in a bottle that could be carried in your purse so all you would need to do is add a dropper or two in the water.

Green Tea display

 The tea comes in several flavors. My favorite is peach. It is supposed to supply you with large amounts of green tea which is known for its health benefits. Since the show, I have been using this tea and adding it to my water. I love it. I was also lucky to get a demonstration with a device that heated up the under layers of my skin to help plump it up. There were also special lights devices that helped clear up acme and decrease lines. These were hand held devices. Another interesting device was a vibrating machine that smooth the skin to give the appearance of less cellulite. The device was hand held and in varying sizes depending on the coverage desired. It was demonstrated on me and it felt great. It could have even put me to sleep. On the other end of the convention, there were demonstrations of lash extensions.

doing lashes

The synthetic lashes were placed on existing lashes, one by one, to lengthen and make regular lashes more glamorous. Additionally presented, were several make up lines with lots of color variations and various mineral lines along with the traditional lines of makeup. The beauty and health industry is constantly evolving in providing new and innovative products. I highly recommend visiting these events if you are interested in keeping pace with what is going on in the industry. By Donna Spangler

Donna Spangler Beauty expert



Published on Oct 03, 2012

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