Avoid Making These Common Hair Removal Mistakes

There are so many very common hair removal mistakes that we see again and again. So, we compiled a list of the most common, so you know what they are and can deal with them.


Making funny faces in the mirror

Most of us have a tendency to make funny faces when we look in the mirror.  It is a very natural thing to do.  However, when you are attempting to tweeze your eyebrows, it isn't the best time for doing this.  When you screw up your face, it warps your brow's natural shape, so that when you tweeze them you could end up with a very uneven appearance if you have a strange look on your face.  The best approach to take is to do your best to relax the muscles in your face as much as you can. Numb the area with an ice cube in order to reduce any pain that you may experience from the tweezing process.

Not Considering Alternatives

Perhaps you use the same hair removal technique again and again. There are plenty more you could be considering. Why not try an alternative to your usual. There are some great permanent hair removal products on the market that can make a big difference to your hair growth and how often you have to deal with it.

Shaving in the morning

After you have hit your alarm's snooze button for the 20th time, you finally decide you really should get out of bed.  You think about how great it will feel to have your morning shower so that your body can be rejuvenated.  It's also a great time to get in a quick morning shave you think to yourself.  But is this really true?  While we are sleeping, our legs swell slightly, which hides some of the hairs that are on our skin.

So the best thing to do if you want to have a smoother and cleaner shave is to shave later on at night, after you have relaxed and watched a few of your favourite television programs first.

Shaving while taking a hot bath

Many people mistakenly believe that shaving while taking a hot bath helps to relax the hairs on the body, which makes it the perfect time for shaving.  However, that is not true.  A hot bath makes your legs swell up a little temporarily.  So it hides some of the hairs from your razor while you are attempting to shave.

If you really want to take a hot bath and shave at the same time, just make sure you do the shaving when you first get in.  However, just know that a hot bath might be nice and relaxing but it isn't the ideal time to shave. Here are some more problem areas.

Shaving using a dull blade

As time goes on, you might feel that the shaving process is becoming increasingly painful and difficult.  Are you shaving incorrectly?  Is your hair becoming thicker?  It could possibly be both of these reasons.  However, there is a good chance that you simply haven't changed your razor blade recently and that is what is causing the problem.

Ideally your razor should be thrown away after each shave.  However, it's also reasonable for them to be used 3 or times and then replace the blade with a new one.

Waxing too often

It is very easy to start seeing a few hairs start to break from the surface of your skin and think you need to take care of it right away.  However, don't panic.  Chances are your boyfriend isn't going to notice them and no one else is going to either.  You should ideally wait approximately 4 weeks before you wax again.  If you really feel that you must, you can push it at 3 weeks, but there does need to be enough hair for the wax to grab onto.

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