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Arriving like a gift straight from Heaven, Melanie Mar’s new innovative product– Eyelash Growth Enhancer– is more than what anyone can ask for. With a brand that primarily focuses their complete attention to provide non-pharmaceutical prescription drugs, all about the eyes is the only product that has been created with advanced technological Eyelash Growth Enhancers and formulated with a combination of peptides, plant stem cells and organic botanicals, which are key ingredients that help produce healthier, fuller and longer lashes.


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Not only does this wonderful product provide you with voluptuous eyelashes but it also repairs and stops further damage. Key features and benefits include a number of factors that play a huge role in the process to obtain better lashes.

Organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis leaf - which has more than 200 minerals and vitamins and amino acids that help keep the lashes and surrounding eye areas hydrated and moisturized.

Lipo-Peptides - are compatible with natural facial structures and help thicken and darken the lashes.

Hyaluronic Acid- adds moisture to the lashes as well as to the lash lines.

Argan and Apple Plant Stem Cells - help stimulate the hair follicle during the growth phase and also play an important task in providing healthy skin.

Certified Organic with Green Tea, Lavender, Comfrey & Chamomile Extracts - help guard against radical damage while soothing, hydrating and nourishing lashes as well as the surrounding area.


Melanie Mar's Eyelash Growth Enhancer


Averaging about $139 for each Eyelash Growth Enhancer it demonstrates to work much more effectively than the prestigious brands we’ve only dreamt of purchasing. All about the Eyes was made specifically for eyelash growth and proven to work effectively without causing permanent blurry vision or irritation; this indeed is one organic product every woman/man seeking longer lashes MUST own. To hear Melanie Mar explain the wonders her product can offer watch her here


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Although there is a 30 day money back guarantee, we highly doubt that will be the case once you experience the growth and thickness in mere 30 days of use. In a clinical study of Melanie Mar’s Eyelash Growth Enhancer there was an 87 percent of improved length and a 74 percent in thickness in their users. Thus being a true gift for many of us who have grown tired of wearing falsies.


For more information or to purchase Eyelash Growth Enhancer visit Melanie Mar

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