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I was intrigued when I came across Xtreme Lashes training brochure at our offices. Of course, I’ve heard about eyelash extensions and have been interested in them as a consumer.

Dramatic results are an affordable luxury

However, I never gave it more thought than how I would love to have long lasting gorgeous eyelashes. When I found the training brochure in the office it felt like a gift. I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve been looking to make some extra money and I have a long laundry list of must haves in whatever that might be. Xtreme Lashes answered all those needs: flexibility, good money, fun, quality products/services, instant gratification, portability, and working with a company that cares about their products and their clients.

Splash Magazines first met Xtreme Lashes at the GBK Oscar gift lounge. A recognized industry leader throughout the world, Xtreme Lashes has been featured extensively in the media in places like: Vogue, Glamour, The Doctors on CBS, and Fashion TV in Cannes, France. They’ve also been invited to events like the Oscars gifting lounge, where we met them, as well as, the Emmy’s, Golden Globes, Latin Grammy Awards, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Gorgeous lashes for everyone

Xtreme Lashes was founded by Jo Mousselli, a registered nurse, who has used her experience and knowledge of the healthcare profession to create safe and effective products and application procedures. They are a high profile company who are global leaders in the eyelash extension field. When asked about her mission, Mousselli replied “I founded Xtreme Lashes with two goals in mind. The first is to simplify today’s active woman’s morning beauty regimen with high quality, high performance, low-maintenance and long-lasting beauty products. I know the connection between looking good and feeling good and the resulting confidence; Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions was born from this goal – to emphasize the most important feature in a woman.

The second goal is to empower the credentialed health and beauty professional to launch a profitable and rewarding lash styling career – a career that enriches the lives of women to look and feel beautiful all day, every day.

My personal mission is to ensure that Xtreme Lashes remains synonymous with quality, safety and support. We do this by providing the largest support. We do this by providing the largest selection of the highest quality products, most comprehensive training, legendary customer service and business support.”

Extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that last indefinitely with touch ups every 2-4 weeks

Some key points that impressed me about Xtreme Lashes:

· The company is continuously dedicated to rigorous manufacturing standards as well as their investment in product development.

· Only health and beauty professionals can purchase Xtreme Lashes products and must participate in the company's hands-on training and certification prior to using them on clients.

· They are dedicated to the safe and hygienic application of eyelash extensions.

· They use top grade medical bonding glue in the application of their lashes.

· The eyelash extensions are individually styled for each client’s eyes and needs.

· Perfectly styled eyelashes can dramatically change a persons looks.

· Eyelashes are made from lightweight synthetic fibers, which won’t damage your lashes or eyes.

· The extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that last indefinitely with touch ups every 2-4 weeks.

· For the price of a daily cup of gourmet coffee eyelash extensions, are an affordable luxury.

· Prices of a full set of lashes range from $200 - $600 nationwide.

· With Extreme Lashes anyone can have beautiful, full, luxurious, and long lasting lashes.

There is a lot of competition in the eyelash extension industry and what sets Xtreme Lashes above other companies is their dedication to quality products, quality training and the health and safety of their consumers. Unlike other companies, which simply train their lash stylists through videos or short, cursory courses, Xtreme Lashes certification requires hands-on, fully supervised workshops, and ongoing instruction in how to created beautiful lashes and maintain medical standards of care throughout the lash application process.

Made from lightweight synthetic fibers, which won’t damage your lashes

The more I’ve been researching eyelash extension companies and their training programs, the more convinced I am that Extreme Lashes is the company I want to work with. I’m signed up for their upcoming training program in Santa Monica and I’ll keep you posted on my experiences. If you feel like this might be an opportunity that appeals to you here’s a link to find an Xtreme Lashes training program near you.  Or if you just want gorgeous lashes use this one to find an Xtreme Lashes certified stylist near you.

As a special offer to our readers Xtreme Lashes has offered a special discount for their training programs. Use promo code: BG1009splash100 for $100 OFF the training program.

For more information you can visit their website at http://www.xtremelashes.com or by calling 877.Big.Lash

To read about my training experiences click here.

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