With Wahl's VaccuTrim and Combn'Cut you may never need to go to the barber again

Does this sound familiar? "Get in there and clean that hair up off the sink". Weather it is your mom, girlfriend, or your wife. It can only make you hope for a better solution to taking care of that annoying mess left behind when trimming your beard or mustache.

Well now with Wahl's new VaccuTrim you can. This set of clippers is the thing dreams are made of, if you're a guy who is always trying to keep their beard or mustache looking nice and trimmed.

Let's get down to what makes the VaccuTrim so special. Lets start with there ergonomical design for comfort and ease of use; although, I found the release button for the dual clippers pivot and numbered comb attachment, can get in the way during normal use causing the index finger to hit the button releasing the comb attachment (not a good thing while in the middle of a trim).

The clippers vacuum system has a good amount of suction with the intake being right in front of the clipper head for maximum hair collection. This leads down to a convenient plastic pullout tray which is incredibly easy to use to dispose of the clippings with no mess.

The numbered Beard trimmer attachment has a simple toggle switch that allows you to select the proper length for trimming with 11 different settings for a precise trim. There is also the dual sided clipper head, one being a full sized 1 inch blade and the other being a 3/8 inch blade for more detailed trimming.

The VaccuTrim comes with your average list of accessories including a AC/DC cord charger, beard and mustache comb, blade oil, cleaning brush and a nice traveling case. There is also a stand that can either be mounted to the wall or left on your sink. For around $60 you can get a hold of a VaccuTrim and all your trimming woes will be at an end.

Another great new product from Wahl that is making noise is the Combn'Cut clippers (as seen on TV) and they are just now hitting store (Target, Walgreen's, ect.) shelves. The Combn'Cut clippers have a unique design that is made possible because of the new TrueGuard blade technology invented by Wahl.

These clippers are completely fool proof, both skilled and unskilled people can cut hair like a pro now. It is just like combing hair. Use smooth, even strokes in a downward motion, in the direction that the hair grows. Each stroke you make only cuts a few hairs at a time (courtesy of the TrueGuard Technology). It even makes blending and tapering a no hassle job.

Now you finally have a way to keep your hair with that "fresh from the barber" look in between visits; which is awfully convenient for those of us that get little scraggly hairs poking out every where.

For around $35 dollars, which you will save from missing a few hair cut appointments, these clippers are worth it and keeping you looking great. They also come with all the normal clipper accessories as listed above plus an instructional DVD on hair cutting techniques.

If you would like to find out more or purchase Wahl products you can visit there website: http://www.wahl.com/home.html

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