The Eyes Have It with Smashbox Cosmetics On Set and Off Set Duo

You can create any look your heart desires, and then make it waterproof with the duo.

Ah, the thrill of creativity.  Smashbox cosmetics understands that makeup can be an art.  They have come up with a way to make the best use of the eye shadows you already have in your cosmetics case. New On Set and Off Set by Smashbox Cosmetics is a duo designer to transform your makeup.  On Set makes eye shadow and liner waterproof, while Off Set converts eye shadow into eyeliner. 

The sleek packaging of Smashbox's On Set and Off Set Duo.

Makeup is about aesthetics, not just on your face, but in your makeup kit.  The packaging for On Set and Off Set is sleek and sophisticated, which is to be expected from Smashbox.  Each product comes in a small, frosted glass bottle with an eye dropper on top. 

You can teach an old shadow new tricks.

The Off Set is a  useful product for a makeup case, because it allows your eye shadows to work double duty.  You may have tried converting eye shadow into liner by wetting an eye liner brush and applying the color that way.  The result is subtle and natural, but you can usually expect running and smearing later on in the night.  Traditional liquid eyeliner can be frustrating; the narrow pointed tip of the application can make a smooth line next to impossible, resulting in tacky smudges and uneven lines.  The slanted edge of a professional eye liner brush gives a natural flowing line that looks more Audrey than tawdry.  There are potted eye liners designed for use with eyeliner brushes, but new Smashbox duo allows for experimentation with unconventional colors as eyeliner. 

The On Set seems to have less practical use, unless you routinely to go to the pool or the beach in dramatic eye makeup.  It could be used as a way to keep yourself looking fresh and put-together if you anticipate a long night of dancing in a hot and crowded nightclub.

The duo seems ideal for makeup artists and photographers since it allows them to experiment with their existing makeup, creating new, avant garde looks that will last an entire shoot. The duo also would be great for a true makeup aficionado who likes to play with different looks everyday.  If you're the type who wears the same taupe eye shadow and brown liner day after day, you might also want to try Smashbox's On Set and Off Set duo; it just might inspire you to get creative.

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