Primal Elements "Whips" Whip Sweets into the Shower

Body Whip leaves skin soft and scented.

Finally, we can bring dessert into the shower.  With its candy pastel colors and creamy texture, Primal Elements Body Whip and Sugar Whip look more like ice cream on a soap dish than body wash.  And with the addition of six new flavors, the Whip collection is quickly starting to resemble Baskin Robbins.

Both Body Whip and Sugar Whip are body wash creams that literally are whipped, giving it an airy mousse-like texture.  It lathers extremely well on its own, but for those who appreciate the extra bubbles, using a body sponge will create a super frothy bath.  Although both act as cleansing moisturizers, the Sugar Whip contains actual cane sugar that exfoliates the skin during wash.

Sugar Whip, which contain cane sugar exfoliants, is available online or wherever Primal Elements products are sold.

Appetizing flavors with names such as "Sweet Cream," "Cotton Candy" and "Vanilla" make Body and Sugar Whip almost too confectionary to be body products, even though they do carry other non-sugary scents, such as flowery "Lavender" and "Ariel" (a mix of sandalwood and musk), and fruity scents "Strawberry Swirl" and "Pineapple Punch."  Primal Elements also offers unscented body and sugar whips for those who just want a simple body wash.

Each flavor smells exactly as it's named - "Sweet Cream" Body Whip smells strongly like vanilla buttercream frosting, and "Cool Mint" Sugar Whip feels as though it was made with crushed Altoids instead of sugar.   Sometimes the scent can be a bit overwhelming during a bath or shower, but the product does rinse clean off, leaving only a hint of scent.  Afterwards, skin feels extremely soft and moisturized.

Ruby Red Sugar Whip smells exactly as it's named -- a fresh ruby red grapefruit.

Both Body Whip and Sugar Whip are a bit pricy, however.  The whips are sold in scoops from bulk containers and uncannily resemble a perfect scoop of ice cream.  Each scoop contains approximately two ounces and costs $2.50-3.  Pre-packaged tubs contain about eight ounces and run $12-14.  However, Primal Elements, founded in 1993 by Faith and Scott Freeman, donates 10 percent of the net sales of their products to organizations like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and The City of Hope.

Besides the Body and Sugar Whip, Primal Elements manufactures and sells a variety of bath and aromatherapy products, including homemade soaps, candles, shower gels, lotions, bath salts and lip glosses.  These products are available at high-end specialty retailers, such as Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons and Ulta beauty stores.  Products can also be purchased online at

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