Finding the Foundation of Grace and Elegance

Everywhere you look there seem to be beautiful, refined, fabulous people. You know who they are. The people who seem like they've got the world wrapped around their fingers and we petty normal people are left to ponder, "How does one become so extraordinary?" The answer is simple: confidence. These confident individuals stroll through their hallways, their restaurants, their streets like they own it all and you can't help but watch because their composure is practically oozing out of their skin. All we can do is envy. But right when you thought you'd have to go through life wishing you were one of those people, your prayers have been answered with UdefineU, a four-piece VHS or DVD box-set which helps bring confidence, poise, gracefulness, and effortless elegance to your everyday life.

UdefineU's founder, Lourdes M. Figueroa was just like us. She lacked self-confidence because of weight issues and decided that a weight loss and fitness program would do the trick. She succeeded with her task of losing weight and looked great, but she still felt like even though her thighs were thinner she didn't feel as great as she looked. Then she realized that looking great isn't something that is defined solely on your physical shape. In order to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful and let it reflect out of yourself. Her own personal experience led her to create UdefineU. She set out to help other women just like herself.

Professional Ballerina Maria Verdeja

The first step focuses on improving posture and poise. With the guidance of prima ballerina, Maria Verdeja, you are taught how to manage your proper posture and body placement, graceful arm movements, gesturing, sitting, crossing your legs, standing, walking, descending a staircase, and getting in and out of a car. Maria displays her techniques by the means of visual aides and a sing-along-song-type phrasing; a theme throughout the series.

The next step is for voice and speech. They cover common speech problems and why women have them, the effect you give on others and how to correct them, vocal exercises, speech delivery tips, practicing articulation, proper sound release of key letters, practicing speech, and commonly mispronounced words. Taught to you by nationally renowned voice, speech, and dialect coach Joyce Sarandon. She lends her intellect on perfect enunciation and delivery to you for this quick lesson on how to sound like a controlled individual with full-expressive speech.

The third step of the series is etiquette. Patricia Stephenson of Patricia Stephenson & Associates steers you through this showcase of guest etiquette, table comportment, the instruments of dining, proper table settings, napkin-use, social comportment and more. This step focuses mainly on the perception of you from others. The key is to view yourself the way you'd like others to view you. If you see yourself being confident and pleasant than the end result will be for others to see that, too.

The final step in the process is the fundamentals of style. Renowned fashion designer Victoria Lopez-Castro leads you to having a more established wardrobe by coaching you on how to organize your closet, giving you the six basic pieces you should have and how to shop for them, what they should look and feel like, how they should fit, how these pieces are combined in order to create multiple outfits for various occasions, and what essential accessories you need. Showing off how you feel through an aesthetically pleasurable wardrobe is an important step in the process to becoming more self-assured and polished.

The transition from normal to elegant isn't necessarily a huge physical change as it is more a state of mind. The over-exaggerated perfection throughout the series definitely seems unattainable, but actually has subconscious benefits. The perfectly poised tutors give off a Stepford-like quality and at times can send a chill down your spine because of their flawlessness, but the faltered egos they are hoping to improve can indeed find ways to develop into an elegant debutante or a prima ballerina by listening to their breathtaking diction.

For those of us who are willing to take the challenge of improving themselves, then you can purchase the UdefineU set at only $99.99 plus shipping and handling. In no time you will be on your way to floating down the street like a dandelion blowing in the wind. The program includes four instructional VHS or DVDs: posture and poise, voice and speech, etiquette, and fundamentals of style; the UdefineU reference guide, unique style cards, and the unique style guide. You can go about ordering the set on the product website:

UdefineU is surprisingly a good quality foundation for you to learn how to exude confidence and portray elegance with every step you take. They are specific, informative, and as visual as a child's education video. The concept of spectacular articulation and catchy music still works. If you're brave enough to purchase a semi-embarrassing product, your results are guaranteed. Don't be fooled by all of the sugar coat, you might educate yourself more than you bargained for with UdefineU.

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