Find "Instant Girlification" with SweetSpot Lab's Sweet Line

The "Sweet" Set

Women today have it better than our predecessors have since the beginning of time. We've forgotten fig leaves, left loincloths to Raquel Welch, and let bustles be bygones. We ditched the belted pad to climb the corporate ladder, while the only thing "on the rag" nowadays is Windex.



Eau de Spot

But until recently, maintaining and caring for a woman's sweetest spot has been a hush-hush matter. Despite the mass-marketization of beautifying masks, lotions, deodorants, and even shaving creams "for her," the most feminine part of women's bodies has suffered from nothing short of neglect. Only woman-owned and operated SweetSpot Labs has decided to do something about this problem - and the result is femme-tastic!

SweetSpot Labs, founded by entrepreneur Shari Creed, offers a gentle, ph-balanced line of "intimate grooming" products for women that is cute to boot. Every ingredient that goes into Creed's products has been researched to ensure that it won't cause irritation in sensitive areas. The products are designed to compliment and refresh a woman's natural body function and scent, discomfort-free.

Gentle Wash

For a sweetened shower, the first must-have is a changed mentality. As much as you love that certain brand of sandalwood soap, you must accept the fact that what enchants your olfactory may not get along with ALL your parts. You must also realize that what is gentle "down there" does not have to smell distasteful. In this magical middle ground is SweetSpot Lab's Gentle Wash, which soothes your sensitive spots with aromatic geranium-lavender and citrus-basil.

Women know that women on the go don't always have time for a long shower's luxury. For those corporate climbers, busy moms, and the occasional all-day shopper, SweetSpot offers the perfect maintenance product. On-the-go Wipettes are thin and snugly packaged for anywhere-convenience, and are of course ph-balanced to refresh without redness or itch. These are the ideal purse-additions when you know you've got a long day ahead, but don't want anyone else to know at the end of it.

On-the-Go Wipettes

As SweetSpot shows us, romance lies in the confidence of feeling clean. For that extra boost of self-esteem, or simply as your little secret, Eau-de-Spot pads will compliment your natural scent when you need it most. A little dab'll do ya -- these alcohol-free wipes provide a one-dot shot of fragrance, and then get tossed away with the day's stress.

Today's woman should not have to suffer quietly while her very essence lies at the mercy of harsh deodorant soaps. See SweetSpot Lab's entire line at, and discover a new way to show your body how much it means to you.

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