Calgon's New Line "Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis" Brings the Best of the Beach to Your Bathroom

With most of our busy schedules, we don't always have the time to make it to the beach or the money to go to a spa.  Yet after a long day we still crave - and deserve - those replenishing effects.  Calgon's Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis line brings the soothing benefits of the sea to the comfort of your own home. 

Imagine yourself easing into a warm bath filled with Ahh…Spa! Soothing Sea Soak with Sea Crystals.  As you pour the blue-and-white crystals into your tub and silky, faintly scented water envelops you, imagine your bath now transformed by the essence of the sea and slip into a deeper state of tranquility. Enriched with the skin-softening minerals of Calgon's Marine Nutrient Complex combined with conditioning sea salts, this soak will leave your skin feeling as nourished as if you spent a day frolicking in a warm, tropical sea.  As you settle into your bath and allow your senses to be coaxed into a new state of pleasurable presence, you can almost hear the faint cries of the gulls and lick a hint of sea salt from your lips… After all, many of us daydream about teleporting ourselves to some seaside destination during our workday… at least in the bath we can feel a little closer!

Other body products delightfully capturing the light, subtly refreshing essence of the sea include the Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis Daily Body Scrub with Loofah, a purifying exfoliator, and the Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis Hydra-Rich Body Wash with Moisture Pearls.  Outside of the shower, the Ahh…Spa! Revitalizing Body Mist with Aquaflorals and the Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis Intense Hydrating Lotion with Sea Botanicals provide quick indulgences to leave your skin radiant. 

Treats for the feet include the Renewing Foot Scrub, a Soothing Foot Complex which renews and softens feet.  Refreshing tea tree extract helps deodorize, while invigorating pumice acts as a natural exfoliant.  As a languorous followup to the high action of exfoliation, immerse your feet in the Soothing Foot Soak, another Calgon Soothing Foot Complex with chamomile and Epsom salt.  To complete a pampering of your feet, a spritz of the Refreshing Foot & Leg Spray will have you feeling luminous from your head down to your toes!  This Soothing Foot Complex with lavender and aloe conditions legs, deodorizes feet and even leaves a hint of shimmer.

Especially if you're living within the coastal proximity of Los Angeles, but traffic and a busy schedule don't permit you as many beach visits as you would like, you might take extra solace in these ocean-inspired products.  Anyone with a special affinity for the sea is certain to savor the subtle Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis products, and furthermore, they provide an olfactory vacation from ubiquitous floral scents.  No matter where you are, with a little help from your imagination, the scents, textures and restful indulgence derived from Calgon's new line will put you right in the midst of a sandy expanse of shore, ebbing and flowing tides and the peaceful sense of life contained within the vast and mysterious ocean.

For more information about Calgon Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis and the Calgon Bath & Body collection, visit  Calgon products are available in the specialty bath section of all food, drug, and mass merchandisers nationwide.  The Calgon Ahh…Spa! Ocean Oasis products retail for $6.95.

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