Burner Balm Launches Revolutionary Energy Boosting Fat Burning Lip Balm

Worldwide Launch Kicks Off with Casting Contest Looking for the Hottest, Sexiest Lips.

Friday, May 22, 2009, a casting and shoot took place at 8:00 a.m. and continued throughout the day until all the contestants have been filmed. The event took place at Santa Monica Beach, approximately 1/2 mile north of the Santa Monica Pier on the sand side of the bike path.

A worldwide search contest is now in full swing as the company looks for a new face with the HOTTEST, SEXIEST LIPS to represent the Burner Balm product as its new spokesperson. 

The Grand Prize winner received $5,000 in cash and a spokesperson contract worth over $50,000.  The contest was judged by Internet users from around the globe on www.youtube.com.

Hundreds of models, actors, athletes and everyone in between were present at Santa Monica Beach for an open call video shoot that was filmed by leading TV Director Jim Charleston, being held at the Burner Balm Beach Club

Dr Alan Kurtz is the developer of the Burner Balm product. This product introduces a revolutionary, energy boosting, appetite suppressing and fat burning lip balm.  This product will be a real advantage for Girls who want to stay slim. Burner Balm is the product that we were waiting for.

According to Doctor Alan Kurtz: “I developed Burner Balm lip balm to provide my patients with a product that would boost their energy level and help them achieve their ideal weight. Everyday I hear the same two recurring themes from over half my patients. "Doctor, I am always tired and I have no energy," and "I need to lose weight but I cannot control my appetite." I finally decided to create a product that would help my patients achieve their goals. I set out to develop a safe product that would increase energy levels while decreasing appetite, and thus Burner Balm lip balm was born. 

Burner Balm lip balm is a health conscious product which boosts energy levels and helps with appetite control.  It contains Hoodia Extract which has been shown to be effective in reducing appetite, as well as Chromium Picolinate which suppresses appetite and leads to weight loss. Burner Balm also contains Natural Caffeine, which restores alertness and also enhances weight loss. It also contains Green tea Extract which has the effect of increasing energy and metabolism. By placing all of these natural ingredients into a lip balm, they can be absorbed directly into the body's circulation system, resulting in increased energy, appetite control, weight loss and overall wellness.”

If you want more information do not hesitate to visit www.burnerbalm.com.

For any questions on the product contact [email protected].

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