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West Hollywood, CA (September 2009) – Just when I thought I finally found the perfect lip gloss for day and the creamiest balm for night, Blistex threw their new formulas into the mix and sent me back to Square One.

In case you are not sure what I’m talking about, here’s the 4-1-1: Blistex is launching two one-of-a-kind lip balms, Lip Massage and Natural Cooling Comfort, that will keep your puckers plump and smooth around the clock (making them almost as kissable as mine).

Blistex's new lip balms, Lip Massage and Natural Cooling Comfort, are an affordable way to improve the health of your lips

Blistex Lip Massage
Suggested Retail Price: $2.49

Blistex Lip Massage smoothed my lips and tasted heavenly

Oh wow! I am not being bias when I say that Blistex Lip Massage is my new favorite lip balm! Though this wasn’t part of the requirements in making a medically approved lip moisturizer, this balm smells so good and leaves a slightly vanilla-ish taste on your lips… my favorite scent, taste, flavor, everything, so that was the first brownie point I gave Blistex.

Next was the textured applicator: it is shaped at an angle to glide perfectly onto your lips, and the ridges are just firm enough to lightly smooth away rough spots without feeling like a scrub.

I put this lip balm on during my interview with Blistex’s Christy Fatigato and Jessica Vitale at around 11am and that night I already noticed a newfound smoothness to the touch.

I am not surprised by such quick results, however, because Blistex worked with pharmacists for three years to create the most effective moisturizing formula, and adding jojoba, sunflower oil and sea butter for ultra-intense hydration.

Christy Fatigato (lfet) and Jessica Vitale (right)

Dr. Charles Zugerman, the medical advisor to Blistex Inc., says that “dry and rough lips…can be painful an unhealthy, [so] Blistex Lip Massage’s textured tip and highly effective formula…[are] beneficial to lip health.”

Though Blistex Lip Massage is a non-solid balm, it is the first of its kind to come in a solid stick tube, rather than the flimsy ones that most non-solid formulas dispense from. It normally drives me crazy to have to carefully squeeze the tubes at just the right speed and pressure (somehow, I always end up squirting unnecessary blobs of balm, half of which gets wasted as it's wiped onto a napkin). With this handy new packaging, the Lip Massage balm twists cleanly out of the top, so you get the perfect amount every time.

I have turned Blistex Lip Massage into a new nightly ritual, but if you prefer to carry it along in your pocket all day, go for it! This balm has SPF 15 and is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, so it offers full protection from harmful UV rays that cause aging, while rejuvenating lips so that they actually become more youthful.

Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort made my lips tingle

Summertime at the beach and icy lemonade that leaves your lips cool and sweet… these are the exact memories that came to my mind when I first applied Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort.

This USDA certified organic and 100% natural lip balm is the first of its kind from Blistex, the “first natural product to contain an external analgesic in a tube applicator” and the first yummy smelling organic lip balm I have ever tried. I often notice that natural products have a funny, musty smell, but Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort smells like fresh lemons and feels ultra light on your lips – as if they don’t have any product on them at all.

The all-organic ingredients include aloe, jojoba and pomegranate for natural moisturizing, which are blended with olive leaf, grape seed oil and apricot oil to invigorate and nourish chapped lips while relieving them of any pain.

Both Blistex Lip Massage™ and Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort™ with be available for purchase by the public in October at most food, drug and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

My tote of the Blistex product line

With so many fabulous options (not to mention affordable), I have decided to keep a different Blistex lip balm in each of my favorite purses, my makeup case, my gym bag and my car – hey, a busy gal can never be too prepared... right?!

About Blistex:

Blistex first developed the pharmacist-approved, classic “Lip Ointment” in 1947, and since then, has greatly expanded its manufacturing and distribution of lip care products to now over 70 countries worldwide. With Lip Care Specialists, such as Dr. Charles Zugerman, creating effective and affordable products, Blistex continues to be an innovative leader in consumer and medical markets. In fact, Blistex has delivered the “best selling new item in Lip Care for the past 9 out of 10 years,” while continuing to operate through its original founding family in Illinois.

With more than 60 years, of lip care experience under its belt, Blistex continues to manufacture, test and distribute a full line of quality products, including:

Blistex Lip Massage™

Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort™

Blistex Deep Renewal®

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast®

Blistex Complete Moisture®

Blistex Lip Ointment®

Blistex Silk & Shine®

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm (Berry or Mint)

Blistex Fruit Smoothies® (Berry Explosion®, Melon Medley® or Triple Tropical®)

Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips®

Blistex Lip Medex®

If you are getting in touch with your feminine side, try one of the following:

Blistex Lip Infusion® (available in Soothing Splash®, Cherry Splash® and Moisture Splash®)
Blistex Herbal Answer®
Blistex Lip Tone®

Blistex also manufactures and distributes high quality skin and personal care products including the Stridex® brand of acne care products, Kank-A® Mouth Pain Liquid, Kank-A SoftBrush tooth/mouth Pain gel and Ivarest® poison ivy itch cream.

Blistex Inc for 62 yrs

For more information on Blistex and its products, go to

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