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5 Tips for Establishing the Beard You Want

By Lenard Johnson

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  1. Be Patient. Growing a full beard can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks.  The two  to three week mark tends to be the hardest to get through—the temptation to shave and start over is high when the itchiness of the beard base is in full effect.  Some weeks might seem like they’ve seen less growth than the week before, or you might have a patch here or there where the hair is a bit thinner. Just be patient. Few men can grow a full beard in under a month, and some men might need two or even three months.  Think of it in terms of paychecks or rent payments and it doesn’t seem so long, does it?  In the meantime, just imagine how nice your beard will look once its fully grown!


  1. Don't compare your beards to others.  A quick search on Google or Instagram is sure to turn up thousands and thousands of different beards.  Somewhere out there is an image of that awesome well-groomed beard that you aspire to grow. But wait...here is what you need to do: Disregard that picture. Do not save it for future reference. Having this picture will only sap your inspiration because your beard will not look like that. In this age of photoshopping, retouching and all the other things that goes on with photos, you will set yourself up for a massive disappointment if you use a picture as your standard. In addition, the color, length and style of the hair on your head along with the contours of your face also have a huge impact in how your beard looks. Genes are a big factor too. So don’t neglect the overall look that's unique to you because you can do a lot with that. One important, though often forgotten fact is that some beards might look better with shorter hair and others with a bit longer hair. What works for you might not work for another man and vice-versa.


  1. No halfway beard goals. Many men get excited and grow their beards only to chicken out after a week or so. Some freak out because of a patchy beard or growth or think they look too scrappy. Others face issues at their workplace, especially if they start growing during a period where they have to give a presentation and they don't want to be standing in front of the general manager during week two of no-shaving. A little bit of planning can solve all this and the knowledge that patchy growth is common in the first few weeks will also help you avoid any surprises later on.  It will take a while to fill in your beard base but soon you'll be past that point and not have to worry about the 5'o clock shadow any more. While November is a great month to start growing your beard, thanks to the popularity of the “No-Shave November” movement - you definitely don want to wait until then. Besides, many shave their beards on the 1st of December and you don't want to be in that group. You want to keep that beard through winter and summer, rain or shine!



  1. Follow the beard diet.  What’s the beard diet?  Well, the good news is that it’s not really a diet. It is, however, a recommendation to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet to keep your beard hair (as well as all of your other hair) healthy and shiny. You want to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B3, B5, and B9 in your diet. These vitamins are easily found in leafy greens, eggs, poultry, beef, nuts, and milk. While there are plenty of better reasons to follow a healthy diet than just for the sake of your beard, you might be able to see the benefits of these vitamins in your beard before you notice other benefits elsewhere!



  1. Use quality products.  Research everything from combs to beard conditioners. This is to make sure you’re making an investment in a quality product that’s going to last long enough and function well enough to be worth the money.  On top of that, if you have any skin allergies, it’s a responsible move to check out the ingredients of any beard oils or other products before using them around your face.  Your beard is an extension of your personality.  It’s one of the central pieces to your personal style, and it sits front and center on your face.  Make sure you’re using the best products and tools to take good care of it.


So you’ve learned what to avoid, what to definitely do, and you’ve run through some general tips on getting your beard started.  What are you waiting for?  Throw away the razor, stock up on some quality beard conditioner and get to growing! With some patience, expert tips, and the right beard care products, you’ll have the beard you want before you know it!

Published on Sep 06, 2017

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