3 Must Have Facial Skincare Products No Man or Woman Should Live Without!

3 Must Have Facial Skincare Products NO Man or Woman Should Live Without!

Working in the health & beauty industry for many years as a skincare consultant and professional makeup artist, has given me the opportunity to work with hundreds of products day in and day out. Using several different brands from drugstore to high-end products lets me know what’s best for my face.  Speaking with countless men and women about their needs and wants, I have realized it is important to all of us to find the right products that work for our individual skin types. Sharing with you these 3 secret weapons for saving the skin is my mission!

3 must have skincare products for the face, No man or woman over the age of 25 should ever be without!  There are 3 types of skin types, Normal to Dry, Oily and Combination. These skincare essential apply to ALL! And can be found at your local drugstore or department store.

A cleanser is the product that everyone at any age should be using on a daily basis. Using a great cleanser can change everything about your appearance.
Cleansers are important for many reason, it washes away the dirt and grime from daily air pollution, free radicals and makeup. Everyone knows you should clean your face at least twice daily morning and night. During the summer sometimes it’s best to wash your face a minimum of 3 times, as sweat builds up from the rising temperatures and can create blocked pores which leads to acne. For men and women who play sports and workout daily, it is always recommended to wash your face right after every workout! For normal to dry skin you might want to go with a cleanser that has a bit of a moisturizer in it or a mild soap-free product that doesn’t strip away the natural oils in your skin.  For combination skin it’s a bit tricky because you have dry patches and oily patches. Best to find clear but mild cleanser, with medium foaming action, so it can balance the t-zone areas. Oily skin is sometimes uncontrollable, however if you clean the face often and let the skins pores breathe, it will balance your oily areas and leave your skin feeling soft and subtle.



“What is a Microdermabrasion?” Its main purpose is to exfoliate the skins surface removing all traces of dead skin cells. Its sand like texture, vigorously deep cleans and leaves zero traces of dirt and oil. The most effective microdermabrasions have aluminum oxide crystals and natural brightening agents along with a little oatmeal or natural oils to leave skin subtle.  A microdermabrasion facial scrub is for all skin types, normal to dry, oily or combination. After using the facial scrub once, it leaves your skin extremely soft and smooth as ever. Microdermabrasion scrubs can be used once or twice a week, however if you tend to have oily-combination skin, or you workout and are engaging in weekly sports activities you should use it 2 or 3 times a week. You will find with using this skincare product, your face will naturally even its skin tone, making acne scars fade. For men who shave or have facial hair, it can be extra helpful with pulling out those ingrown hairs and making the facial hair grow in smoother and easier to maintain. If you find a microdermabrasion a little bit out of your price range, please keep in mind that you do not use the product as often as the others products, so it will last a longer period of time. It would be worth it to invest in a great microdermabrasion to insure that you are experiencing the results that you demand. Taking these steps with your favorite facial scrub will leave you with results that are recognizable and unbelievable!


Working with hundreds of customers over the years I have found that some men and women don’t use moisturizers. “Why must I use a moisturizer?” they ask. Moisturizers acts against the fight of aging, it creates barriers to protect you from harsh sunrays and air pollutions. A great moisturizer has at least a 15% sunscreen in it, which is just a slight block from the sun. The higher the sunscreen the longer you can stay out in the sun.  If the moisturizer has sunscreen it saves a step from having to put an additional sun block on. Moisturizers locks in essential moisture and sustains a ph balance of water in the skin. It instantly improves the way your skin looks and feels, getting rid of dry or irritated skin problems. Please keep in mind that men and women can use the same products, women’s skincare tends to have more anti-aging properties then men’s moisturizer. There are hundreds of options on the market; you can find award winning moistures in a local drugstore or in your neighborhood high-end department stores. Moisturizers should be applied every time you wash your face of dirt and air pollution.  Finding a moisturizer with emollients and humectants are important because they work with locking in the natural moisture of the skin going in-between the skins cells to eliminate rough and dry looking skin. If you have normal to dry skin which always feels like your face can’t get enough water, look for a thick and creamy textured moisturizer. It most likely will contain extra amounts of oils to replenish your skins cracked surface and lower the risk of having fine lines and wrinkles.  Combination skin sometimes known as T-Zone, its oily on the forehead, nose and chin, can be more difficult to treat. When choosing for this skin type you must use a moisturizer that has less oils, but just the right about of moisture to balance the area of the skin that are dry. Some people with oily skin think they don’t have to use a moisturizer at all, and there dead wrong. Moisturizers in general have an added protection from the sun. It creates yet another barrier between the outdoor elements and free radicals floating in the air.  When treating and finding the right moisturizer for oily skin, the may key is to find a noncomedogenic, oil free product. You will find that the moisturizer you chose has a very thin texture, almost watery or gel like feeling. A sheer moisturizer lightly penetrates the skin and controls the perfect balance of natural oils in your face.

Now that you know the 3 secret weapons to amazing skin, know that using these essential skincare products daily, are sure to makes your face look and feel healthy! They can stop the aging process for years to come and create glowing flawless skin! I highly recommend you find the products that suit you best and use accordingly. Make it a way of life for not only healthy skin but a healthy lifestyle.

Donica Denene Beauty Expert

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