Yenis Monterrey - A Love for Acting

Surrounded by show business and practically growing up on a TV studio watching her father work as a director it’s no wonder why this Venezuelan native had strong desires to become an actress as a child. Having performed on diverse live television music shows from ages 5-10, Yenis Monterrey began forming her career as a singer.



Shortly after noticing her acting abilities and talents, she was enrolled in the most prestigious schools in Caracas by her father. Although Monterrey was essentially focused in becoming an actress, the injustices she observed while living in Venezuela drove her to follow a career in law and became a lawyer to help put a dent in the unfairness she witnessed.



After Monterrey spent time working as an attorney in Venezuela she was promoted and sent overseas, but first decided to apply to the University of Texas to master her English skills. It was there while living in Austin where she met her husband and later gave birth to her son in 2005. But old habits die hard and it wasn’t long before Yenis began aching to get back into the acting scene.



While burring herself with homework at the University of Texas, being married and having a little boy waiting for her at home, Monterrey still managed to make time for her undying passion and enrolled in acting lessons with the best coaches Austin can offer. Following the direction of talented acting coaches like Mona Lee, Van Brooks, David Cox and Karen Hallford is when she began to rekindle that fire that was once pushed aside, but nonetheless never forgotten.



She began taking part in bilingual commercials as well as print ads but suddenly decided to try her luck with a different genre and auditioned for independent films. She realized that bringing the characters that were once just on a script to life was what she was meant to do, and although she hit a few bumps along the road due to her accent, she worked hard and never gave up until she mastered the American accent, which worked to her advantage.  

Monterrey decided to broaden her acting opportunities and began choosing characters that weren’t her regular cup of tea. She auditioned for ethnic characters, like when she played a Middle Eastern Indian on the film, “My Dearest Love” which was directed by Marc Wiskemann, the film having been exposed in over 20 festivals both nationally and internationally.



Recently playing the part of an American Indian in Los Angeles in the film “Revenge” (Cannes Film Festival 2013) and also taking part in films such as “The Color of Your Skin” and “Weird” working with director Gabriel Schmidt on all three films, we can see from the diverse backgrounds from each character Monterrey partakes in that there is a broad capability in her talents giving her the ability to become an American born Indian nevertheless still remaining a Venezuelan born and grown actress.

Yenis Monterrey’s has recently wrapped up the filming for “Soledad”, an independent film directed by Esteban Lopez filmed in Austin, Texas, and the film revolves around the much debated illegal immigration topic, which will make for an amazing film. Yenis has also announced that she will be part of the cast of SAG feature film, “The Deadliest Gun”, which is written and produced by Ricardo Andres and Michael D. Walters. Watch Yenis in any of these films so you can see for yourself how talented she really is.




Yenis Monterrey is currently represented by Heyman Talent in Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and Nazareth.

For more information on Yenis Monterrey you can find her on imbd or follow her on her Twitter page or Facebook page. 

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