Yelpy - Making His Mark In Los Angeles


Born in Dublin, Ireland- Yelpy has made officially made it big. Currently touring and performing in Los Angeles, this Irish native is making his mark in the music industry.

It wasn’t until his 15th birthday that he considered pursuing the music industry. “My dad & I were in a music shop getting my sister a keyboard and my dad asked me, 'how would you like a guitar for your birthday,’ said Yelpy, ‘until that moment I had never given music much thought, but little did either of us know that music would become my life's one true passion.


Engulfing his life into his new found passion, Yelpy played guitar morning, noon and night and within a year he found himself forming a rock band called Awakened. His band, ‘Awakened ’played a lot throughout his years in school. “Playing music was the only thing that kept me sane as school was never really my thing”, Yelpy jokingly says.



After leaving school, Yelpy attended Ballyfermont Rock School in Dublin to further his career path. Shortly thereafter he formed his second band ‘Whover (pronounced Who-Ver) my second band named Whover. “Whover was a great experience as we played all around Ireland, on radio and on TV’, said Yelpy, ‘it gave me my first real taste of being a 'rock star' and I loved it.” While in Whover he worked with three of the most talented musicians he has ever known-which taught him a lot.


As Whover was running its course he started playing more & more with his two sisters until finally they decided to make it official and form Yellow Room. As Yellow Room we played all around Ireland and on radio. Yellow Room got to play with some great Irish talent such as: John Spillane, Brian Downey, Maria Doyle Kennedy, The Revs and Mickey Joe Heart. They also released two albums "Outside" and "Yellow Room". After the second album he decided to peruse a solo career as a singer/songwriter and move to Los Angeles.


Yelpy And Manager Ieva Georges

Managed by Ieva Georges, Yelpy is currently performing in hot venues around Los Angeles such as: The Roxy, The Viper Room, The House Of Blues and The Rolling Stone whilst recording his debut solo album. Being based in Los Angeles has also given him the opportunity to write and produce music for film and TV.


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