Vartuhi Oganesyan - In Her Own Words

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been intrigued by models, actors, and hostess’. Not only because it was so profoundly entertaining, but also because I admired what they did. All these artists put aside their fears, worries, and stress, and for that brief moment they are able to relieve the rest of us from our troubles as well. We sit there, and whether we are laughing at a joke, crying at a scene, or simply gaping at the exquisite fashion and design, for that short amount of time we escape reality and relax; to be able to accomplish something as great as that has always been my lifelong dream. However, just like most dreams that consist of careers that society dubs unstable, it had a short life span.

My parents never chose a career for me, they told me to do what I love and what I feel I am best at. Others around me always told me that competition was too strong and one should strive for a career that would benefit them financially in the long run.

I began to put this dream aside and focus on my education. I was involved in several forums and several programs for pre law students! Since I couldn’t be an entertainer, I figured the closest thing would be to become an entertainment attorney; this way I would still have one foot in the entertainment industry.

Now, I attend UCLA and I am an English major with a minor in Film and Television. After graduation I plan to take a year off and work on my writing before applying to Law School to pursue a career in Entertainment Law.

My writing is my savior. I write everything from poetry, to prose, to screenplays. For a while I would write just for my own sanity. I would spend hours with a pen and paper! Writing helped me escape reality; it helped me relax and just overall connected me to myself. I tend to hide behind my writing, I would express myself solely through pen strokes, and would never allow anyone access.

Only recently have I grown more confident and began writing for the entertainment of others. I want to have my readers seek refuge in my work, when in need of an escape. This perspective reminded me of my childhood and I realized that my passion for entertainment, although suppressed, had never left me.

With the hopes that I will be able to entertain in more ways than just writing, I embarked on a journey as a free lance model and actress to convey my talent and passion to the world. After walking the runway for the first time I was addicted! The gleam in the eyes of the designers who watched as their models brought their creations to life was priceless. I stayed behind in LA when my family moved to Miami so that I would be able to continue my UCLA education as well as a career in entertainment!

I love the feeling of knowing I am doing something I love; every single opportunity I get I want to be able to make my parents proud and show everyone that doing what you love is higher in value than any form of income.


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