Tray Chaney - Actor and Musician

Name: Tray Chaney
Zodiak Sign: Leo
Favorite Color(s): black
Fun Fact: love to spend time with family

Bio: Tray Chaney, the highly celebrated up and coming actor, is best known for his role as "Poot" on the HBO's original hit series, "The Wire". The strikingly handsome young man of many talents began his career as a performer at the early age of four years old. After graduating from high school, he caught the acting bug and auditioned for and landed the recurring role as "Poot". 

Poot and Slim

Q: What was it like being on all 5 seasons of HBO's The Wire? Could you
tell it was such an iconic show in the moment?

A: It was a great experience I was one of the ones that lasted all 5 seasons. I think at the time it started none of us had no idea that it will be this huge but it truly panned out to be one of the most historical shows of our generation

Q: How are you like the character 'Poot' that you played on The Wire?

A: I'm nothing like POOT. Poot was a follower/low level drug dealer that didn't mind taking orders from someone that had a little more power than him. Tray Chaney is a leader.

Q: If you could have been any other character on HBO's The Wire, who would
it be & why?

A: That's tough because all the characters had qualities that I loved I would say Marlo or Stringer Bell

Tray Booth

Q: Are you still pursuing an acting career?

A: Yes just dropped a film called 6Hearts 1Beat about me falling in love with a young lady with 4 kids it's a love story and totally different role for me I'm proud of it

Q: Where did the inspiration come from to write a book?

A: I just wanted to motivate individuals to really strive for their dreams & understand they can be what they want to be in today's society as long as it’s positive

Q: How'd you get involved in the Anti-Bullying campaign?

A: I wrote a song called Mike Bully that just gave awareness to young people standing up against bullying. We shot a video for it and it traveled to the Maryland State Education Association that's how I started touring schools

Tray Chaney

Q: Explain your style of music.

A: I'm a world music artist I make thought provoking songs with meaning/message but still hip-hop that makes you feel good

Q: What can be expected from your 3rd EP 'Curriculum'?

A: Its classic it's on iTunes now & I'm currently shooting my 9th video which is a single off the Curriculum called Dedicated Father

Q: Who's a producer or artist you would like to collaborate with in the future?

A: I definitely would love to collaborate with Kanye West or Jay Z. I would like to production from Pharell or Timbaland

Tray Jamesy

Q: What has been a lesson you've learned on this journey from the Wire to now?

A: To keep following your dreams and never give up

Q: Are you still in contact with any of the actors from the show?

A: Yes I talk to JD Williams who played Bodie and my boy Anwan 'Big G' Glover aka Slim Charles we all keep in touch a lot though

Q: Do you still dance?

A: No I leave that to my 7 year old son

Q: What would be a PLaDz Night? (Where you a Party Like a dorKstar aka
have a goodtime)

A: I just love clubs and all type of music so that's a hard one

Q: What should we be on the lookout for from you the rest of this year & beginning of 2014?

A: I'm getting ready to take my acting career & music career to the next level follow: Tray Chaney online and you will see!

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(Pictures via @mrtraychaney on instagram)


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