Tobias Deml Cinematographer and Visual Artist - Creating Extraordinary Magic Behind the Lens


Tobias Deml is a Cinematographer, Visual Artist and Filmmaker originally from Austria, who is making a splash in Hollywood with his extensive list of impressive commercials, music videos, image films, fashion and branding videos that he has put his magic touch on. Such films include “Men without Capes”, “Game Over”, "What have I Done", “Parents”, “Rocco Bukatzoo”, “Out into the Lightand dozens more.      

The Magic Behind the Lens

Tobias is very hands-on with his approach to filmmaking and his artistic aesthetics of every film he has worked on creatively supports the director’s vision of the story being told.

Tobias on Set

Tobias on Set

Tobias showcases a sense of extraordinary skill, knowledge of filmmaking, experience for someone so young and a uniqueness which is seen in all his work. His work definitely displays a touch of edge!

Tobias Behind the Lens

Tobias on Set

His wide range and variety of color palates, photography and lighting in each of the music videos, films and commercials he has worked on -  demonstrates a high level of expertise that is of Oscar caliber! His ability to shoot a wide range of different styles of film is similar to that of Oscar-nominated Cinematographer, Jack N. Green (nominated for “Unforgiven”) - from a dusty Western, to an urban action, to a gritty drama, a futuristic sci-fi, dark night scenes and a ballerina lit with a beautiful flood of sunlight; thereby expertly creating a variety of moods of happiness, despair, darkness, hysteria, action and so on. Like Jack Green, Tobias Deml is verstatile! 

Tobias' Cinematography

Tobias on Set

Tobias started his career from a very young age with his interests in reading mostly comics and drawing. Then at the age of 14, he purchased his first 3D Program called Cinema 4D. At that time, he also immersed himself in image manipulation, photography and sketching. Throughout high school he worked on freelance jobs in animation, advertising, print and visualization.

After graduating high school in 2008, Tobias served in social service for a year in Los Angeles and Montreal as a way to substitute his Austrian military service. While in North America, Tobias decided to pursue his passion of filmmaking by combining his seven years of self-taught visual arts skills. He studied film at Santa Monica College for two years where he met Hiroki Kamada. They co-founded Prodigium Pictures in 2011.

Extraordinary, edgy Visual Artist and Cinematographer, Tobias Deml adds magic to American film making!

Extraordinary Tobias Deml


His enthusiasm and expertise are insurmountable.

Enthusiastic Film Maker

He has a bright future ahead of him!    


Tobias Teml

Tobias Teml



Complete filmography:

Los Angeles

+1 310-350-5384


Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Prodigium Pictures

+1-(310)-350-5384 (cell)

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