Tal Cohen - Comedy Actress on the Rise

Tal Cohen is a 22-year old aspiring actress born in Queens, New York who recently moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend. Tal’s journey began at the age of three when she moved to Israel and was raised there with her three siblings, by her Israeli father and American mother. Growing up, she was very involved in gymnastics, dance, and studied theater at the Jerusalem School of the Arts. Tal realized that she wanted to act at the young age of eight, when she was first featured in a TV commercial and she is now in LA to make that dream a reality.

Before arriving in Los Angeles, however, Tal’s story deviates from the norm for aspiring actresses because she first served in the military for her home-country. Tal spent two years working as a physical trainer for the Israeli army before pursuing her acting career, which is a true indication of Tal’s strength and ambition.

Tal now studies theater at the Play House West acting school and takes improv classes at the IO West Theater. Though Tal may be on the right path to a successful acting career, she remains humble and says that she does not yet consider herself to be an “actor”. She explains that she won’t give herself this title until she is successful in the profession. Tal currently does not have representation and says that she is “building [herself] from scratch”.

Tal’s dreams of acting are rooted in her love for humor, which she views as “healing”; Tal says that making people laugh is her passion. When asked who inspired her to act, Tal explained that Jim Carey was always her motivation when she was growing up. Tal said that she would watch Carey’s shows and memorize his skits; she would then perform them for her family. Tal loved how she could make them all laugh and smile and she stated, “Making my family laugh is what keeps me believing that I can do this. My family’s support and love is something that I will be grateful for forever”.

In addition to comedy, Tal is also inspired by Will Smith because he “represents the idea that if you see what you want and work hard for it, and you have the talent, things will just start happening.” Tal explains, “It is just opportunity meeting readiness. Opportunities will come to you, the question is: are you ready to take it?” While many people might not be, it is very clear that Tal Cohen is prepared to seize all opportunities that will come her way.

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